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  • MOST PROFESSIONAL sports players require athletic ability unique to their sport. All professional athletes have to be conditioned, skillful, mentally and physically tough. What’s not to love about FIFA? … In the FIFA championship game most of the thousands of stadium fans had been there for 4 hours or more for 5 seconds of excitement (or dismay) from the scoring of a single goal. Not only is “fútbol” uninteresting but boring. Bottom Line – it doesn’t take much to entertain FIFA fans!


  • HURRAY, “The Crybaby Games” are finally over with, including all those feigned injuries, boring matches, and Lionel Messi’s bruised ego. Once every four years is too short. Now we’re forced to endure another month or so of stodgy MLB before the much-awaited NFL and college football season commences.

– The X-Man

  • SPORTSMANSHIP, Bob? Is that what you call faking injuries to get a free kick? The fact that soccer has not changed a rule in eons is enough to turn me off to the beauty of the sport. I wish I could say I enjoy a 0-0 penalty shoot out,…but I don’t

– Rudy

  • KUDOS TO Yoda for continuing to evolve into his rocking chair years. If he makes it to the next World Cup, he’ll likely have to concede how far removed from society he and about three others who write to SS have been. Meanwhile, the US national team coach, who knows a bit more about the game than he, believes the US is ready to contend now, not decades from now. I didn’t see nearly 200,000 Americans making the trip to the FIBA world championships and if you want to use MLB vs MLS attendance as your gauge, well, he’d be wrong about that too. Start with Seattle and Kansas City.

– Butch

  • RE: SUNDAY’S Journal sports section of Journal. Cowboys – Jones controls EVERYTHING. Longhorns – no beer and wine sales INSIDE stadium? Doesn’t matter. Tailgate will offset that.


  • TO JC, So Cal: So LA is the center of the universe? Then, you live in east, east, East LA! By your own logic, who are you to talk?

– Larry the VOL

  • SO, JUST wondering which crazed fans suffer the most? The teary eyed Brazilians after a World Cup soccer loss? Or, the unhinged Lobo Nation after a first round exit in the NCAA basketball tournament??

– JC, SoCal


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