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$5,000 reward offered in dog abuse case in Las Vegas, N.M.

SANTA FE, N.M. — A $5,000 reward is being offered for information on those responsible for the abuse of small dog found in Las Vegas, N.M., on May 20 suffering from what authorities describe as extreme neglect.

The dog, dubbed Fonzi, recently was euthanized because of the numerous serious health issues “that resulted from years of abuse and neglect,” says a news release from Animal Protection of New Mexico.

Fonzi was a 7-9 year old old male terrier mix. He was found with a a piece of chain around his neck, near Armijo Elementary School in Las Vegas. Chaining dogs has been prohibited in Las Vegas since 2012.

Fonzi was emaciated, weighing only 9 pounds. A veterinarian found that he should he should have been between 15-18 pounds. “His eyes were completely matted over with fur, so Fonzi was unable to see. The matting was carefully removed, revealing a deep infection, maggots, peeling skin, and scarring to his eyes,” says the news release.

“Half of Fonzi’s frail body was bald, with paper-thin skin, liver spots, skin growths, large, exposed wounds, and sunburn.” the news release says. “His remaining fur was badly matted, his nails were overgrown, and he had injuries to most of his feet and an infected leg. Emergency veterinary treatment was undertaken immediately, including IV fluids and antibiotics.


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“Unfortunately, further examination revealed the dog’s prognosis was very poor: Fonzi began having Grand Mal seizures, which increased in frequency, length and severity. An x-ray of his abdomen revealed two very large masses, and he became increasingly less responsive.” He was euthanized on May 28.

“Whoever had been responsible for his care over the years failed Fonzi terribly and were most likely aware he needed veterinary care, but did not provide it,” Sgt. Kenneth Stumberg of the Las Vegas Police Department said in the news release, “This sort of extreme neglect is inexcusable, and we hope the public will come forward with tips to help us locate whoever is responsible.” Extreme Animal Cruelty is a 4th-degree Felony in New Mexico.

Animal Protection of New Mexico is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for Fonzi’s condition. Anyone with nformation regarding o the case canĀ  call the New Mexico Attorney General’s Animal Cruelty Hot Line at 877-5HUMANE (877-548-6263. Callers may remain anonymous.