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County jail needs less money than projected

Sandoval County projections for jail expenses proved overly pessimistic.

After closing out the books for the fiscal year that ended June 30, county staff say they will have to chip in less money than expected to cover expenses for the Detention Center.

County commissioners are scheduled to rule on a resolution at their meeting on Thursday to transfer $615,882 from the general operating fund to the jail.

A couple of months ago County Manager Phil Rios was projecting to transfer between $775,000 to $1 million to cover jail costs.

“Everything is a projection until it happens. It can go either way,” said county spokesman Sidney Hill.


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He attributed the lower than expected transfer amount to a combination of better than anticipated revenues and Detention Center staff efforts to control costs.

The county is obligated by law to cover the cost of running the jail, Rios said. He said the county subsidizes that cost by housing inmates for the U.S. Marshals Service, other federal entities and several pueblos.