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Navajo leaders, ABQ mayor to meet on homeless beating

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Navajo Nation leaders and Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry will meet tomorrow to discuss last week’s killing of two homeless men.

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission requested the meeting, which has been scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday).

A mayoral spokesman said Berry will meet with members of the Human Rights Commission, and his office will provide an update afterward.

“The Navajo Nation is appalled that this type of attack is happening upon our people,” Shelly said in a news release. “We pray that justice will be carried out in this case.”

Shelly said Navajo Nation leaders need a chance to meet with Berry and discuss ways to help people struggling with homelessness. He mentioned efforts in Gallup and San Francisco to help “homeless and indigent Native Americans with alcoholism issues through counseling and rehabilitation services.”

The victims in last weekend’s fatal beating were Navajo. There’s also been talk of adding homeless people to the protected classes in New Mexico’s hate-crimes law.

“The Navajo Nation needs an opportunity to meet with Albuquerque Mayor Berry about this attack,” Shelly said. “We need to sit down and discuss possible solutions to assist the homeless population in Albuquerque.”


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