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‘You Wear A Crown But You’re No King’: That song just might make you lose your mind

Blessthefall uses social media to have hangout sessions with fans. (Courtesy of Douglas Sonders)

Blessthefall uses social media to have hangout sessions with fans. (Courtesy of Douglas Sonders)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Forget all your burdens during a Blessthefall show.

“For anyone who has never seen us before, they can expect a high-energy show that’s lots of fun,” vocalist Beau Bokan said. “… We like to have a good time. It’s like a party. Let’s party and forget school and whatever is bugging you.”

The screamo rock band is made up of Eric Lambert and Elliott Gurenberg on guitars, Jared Warth on bass, Matt Traynor on drums and Bokan. It is currently on the Crowd Surf America Tour promoting its latest album “Hollow Bodies.”


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“It’s a special record,” Bokan said of “Hollow Bodies.” “It’s done well. It’s done better than any other record that we’ve ever written.”

The title track, “Hollow Bodies,” is one of Bokan’s favorite songs to perform live.

“It’s a great track and people get so pumped,” he said.

“You Wear A Crown But You’re No King,” which is off the same album, is another song Bokan likes doing live. He said the band tested the song during the Van’s Warped Tour 2013 before it had been released.

“When we played that song, kids were blown,” he explained. “They went off and some were almost losing an eye. They were freaking out. They didn’t know the words but were losing their minds.”

Bokan said responses like that to the band’s music is reassuring.

“It’s like, well, we did something good,” he said. “We did something right on this song.”

Staying connected with fans is extremely important to Bokan and the band. Bokan’s bent on breaking old fa├žades about bands being untouchable and uses social media including online hangout sessions to interact with fans.

“It takes like three seconds to send a text,” he explained. “It’s so quick and easy and it can make or break how someone feels about your band. Before, bands were untouchable until they got on stage. Now fans feel like they are your friend and are invested in your music.”