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New Mexico reported No. 2 among dog-loving states

SANTA FE, N.M. — New Mexico is the second-top dog-loving state, according to a Euromonitor study reported recently in the Washington Post. It comes just behind Arkansas.

Now, we should clarify that this study, interpreted of loving the animals, actually reports on the ratio of dogs to cats in the state. So the ones rated most dog-loving have a greater number of dogs related to the number of cats. Numbers favoring dogs are particularly high in the South and Southwest, according to this report.

Bottom line: It reflects possession, not necessarily love. Just witness the recent stories of a pug wandering the streets of Clovis with chemical burns all over his face and the Edgewood man who killed the family dog, put its carcass in the freezer and was researching recipes for its meat.

But, in Santa Fe, we can more confidently say that the majority of people DO love their dogs. Just witness all the hiking buddies of the canine persuasion, not to mention the gourmet doggie meals that sell well, along with a range of fashion accoutrements.



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