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WHY ARE WE willing to spend a billion dollars a month to free folks who don’t want to be free and don’t want to spend a dime apiece to help children who want to be free from violence, drugs and poverty? Children, for God’s sake! — G.W.O.

THE U.S. IS in danger of becoming like a crazy cat lady: a compassionate person who tries to help less fortunate creatures, but ends up over-taxing her resources and ultimately harming herself — as well as the very creatures she was trying so hard to help. — D.G.

ANY OF US idiots can tell you, the Air Force’s “expert opinions” about the spread of the fuel spill affecting our water is dead wrong. The city simply needs to survey gastroenterologists to confirm the greater frequency of presenting complaints of increased belching and flatulence! — B.M.

FIRST, THESE ARE not our children and therefore not our responsibility. In case anybody forgot, we have serious gang problems here. Many of the children who live in gang-infested areas suffer many of the same issues. Perhaps not to that extreme but nonetheless the U.S. government has neglected its own poor and working poor. — C.L.


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THE NEW MEXICO Supreme Court ruled that an undocumented — illegal alien — injured worker is entitled to full workers’ compensation benefits because he cannot accept offers to return to work due to his immigration status. The employer will bear the employee’s workers’ compensation burden. Be careful who you hire! — P.W.

I WROTE TO our lawmakers to urge them to condemn Israel’s attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructures. We must require investigation of Israel’s misuse of U.S.-supplied weapons. — B.S.

CONGRESS SHOULD eliminate the unfair advantage of online retailers. The patriotic solution is to eliminate all sales tax. The communist solution is tax all online transactions — and also breathing. A vote for taxation of Internet transactions is a vote for communism. — J.C.G.

I JUST SUFFERED through another session of Colores on Channel 220. Amateurishly produced, crushingly boring, and rerun to death, it does a disservice to all fine PBS programming. Come on NMPBS, you can do better than that. — B.B.

SATURDAY’S (JULY 19) Nob Hill Summerfest was great until a young man asked me to sign a petition related to lowering penalties for marijuana. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he will become a pot-smoking burden on society by claiming disability — too laid back on pot to get a job — and our tax dollars will support him. Only in America! — E.W.N.

I WOULD LIKE to suggest a new term for the New Mexico lexicon. It is “going New Mexico.” What does it mean? It means dressing like a slob, regardless of the event you are attending. “How are you dressing for the banquet?” “Oh, I am going New Mexico.” — A.V.P.

FIVE OLD MEN have not decreed women’s choices regarding birth control, decided by employer. (They are) not very expensive and they may purchase any they desire. — R.M.

AT LEAST SEND back the illegals that have gang tattoos before U.S. citizens get hurt. — T.K.

DON’T BOTHER calling 311 to report a neighbor’s overgrown weeds. I first called five weeks ago, then two weeks later to follow up. Told they would “send a letter.” Still nothing done. Weeds are now 4 feet tall and growing. — C.S.

IN ADDITION to the recent news about the burden the flood of illegal aliens are imposing on communities, libraries have become, in many cases, de facto kindergartens and day-care centers. A person interested in actually studying has to find other quieter areas like a bus station or highway. — L.M.

YOU BLAME Christians, conservatives and men; that they have control of women’s choices on birth control? Take personal responsibility! I say. Use birth control before having sex. If you cannot afford birth control, you cannot afford to have sex or a baby. Grow up. — A.F.

NO CORPORATE welfare for Amtrak. Spend the money on roads and let the railroad pay its own way. — B.J.