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Police: Man breaks into NE Albuquerque home, takes a nap

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Freddy Shelby got home Sunday evening, grabbed a Sprite from the fridge and disrobed for a nap in the downstairs master bedroom at the residence in the 2100 block of Altura Vista Lane near Washington and Interstate 40.

Shelby, 30

Shelby, 30

Shelby lay there naked under the covers when the home’s actual owners went downstairs before heading out to eat, and they discovered Shelby fast asleep.

The woman who discovered Shelby called for her husband, who entered the bedroom with a rolling pin and kitchen knife, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in Metropolitan Court.

The couple then left their home and called police, who arrived to find Shelby still asleep. They even called to him, and he slept through it, police said in the complaint.

An officer finally entered the room and pulled the blankets off the bed. He woke up and “stared at officers”, police said.

Shelby told police that he thought he was sleeping in the home of his girlfriend, Jetta, and that he removed the screen from an outside window and crawled into bed.

Shelby is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center, charged with breaking and entering, with bail set at $2,500. Upon being booked into jail, he told corrections officers that his emergency contact was his girlfriend, Nora.


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