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Verizon programs offer choice and transparency

Your July 25 editorial, “Get followed for a coupon,” painted an incomplete picture of Verizon’s new Smart Rewards program and an assumption we are doing this solely to track customers.

Verizon Smart Rewards is a new way customers can receive discounts on merchandise, and save money on things like hotels, car rentals and local entertainment. As part of the sign-up process for Smart Rewards, customers may also be asked to sign up for Verizon Selects, another program.

These critical facts were missing from your editorial and can help customers make informed decisions on their participation in each program.

• Customers may opt out (or opt back in) to Verizon Selects at any time after the Smart Rewards registration process.

• Customers who stay in Verizon Selects are rewarded with points they can apply to Smart Rewards.

• The data collected for use in Verizon Selects is always anonymous and no personally identifiable data is shared with third parties.

• Verizon is being completely transparent about our policies and how we use the data.


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• Customers have a choice to participate in the Smart Rewards program, just as they have the choice to enroll in Verizon Selects. They are optional programs.

Verizon customers have the ability to opt out (or not enroll at all), unlike with many other companies offering free email services or targeted ads based on Web browsing history in exchange for data, with no choice involved.

Customers may also set their preferences with respect to their participation and change their privacy settings at any time at

Verizon has always held to the principles of transparency, choice and control when it comes to privacy options. The Verizon Smart Rewards and the Verizon Selects programs follow the same principles.