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IT IS NO accident that we placed the Statue of Liberty, with her welcoming message, next to Ellis Island – the point of entry and screening facility for legal immigration. — C.G.

FIRST OF ALL they are not migrant children, they are illegal (immigrants) and they need to be deported with no waiting, no court hearing, no detention and shelter. Do away with the 2008 law requiring court hearings for these so-called kids. If they are here illegally, then don’t waste time. Send them back where they belong. — B.C.

PROHIBITION DOESN’T work. The costly and racist U.S. war on drugs failed. Look at our prisons, look at these child war refugees on the border. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it. It’s not rocket science. — B.F.

I HOPE THAT this (pot decriminalization) can get on the ballot. I don’t smoke myself but I think that these laws clog up the system for no good reason. The laws have to change. — J.C.


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HOW DOES PED know that 99 percent of teachers were effective on older evaluation systems? Data was never collected by PED. Someone is making up this number and I wish the media would investigate. — D.B.

IT IS TIME to end the crooked Democrat illegal (immigrant) driver’s license program we have. It must be generating a tidy sum for some Democrats, as much fraud as there is in the program. — D.M.

TEACHERS SHOULD be respected. Job performance and satisfaction are important to teachers. — M.F.

MORE WATER IN the river means more water in Elephant Butte Lake. That is a huge benefit to the people there. —M.K.R.

WE CAN’T ALLOW casinos to become unregulated …. The casinos must also provide funding for gambling addiction treatment, which is sorely needed because of the existence of the casinos. If they do away with revenue sharing, will they also shirk their responsibility to the people they have helped in creating their addiction? — D.S.

HUH? DOES IT make sense to you that children living in squalor can pay a coyote $10,000 to get them across the border? How about those hoofing it alone — 1,200 miles in unbearable heat — nowhere to get food or water, no directions? I don’t think so. — H.K.

THE U.S. HAS a refugee crisis and the children of Honduras have a life-or-death crisis. I gather we can bomb countries to save children but not feed and house them. — A.G.

THE ARCHDIOCESE is the one that “destroyed the village” that was the Newman Center for 64 years, not the people who were trying to save it. They felt no need to meet with the parishioners to explain the reason for the dismissal of the scholarly, compassionate and humble Dominicans. Nothing Christian about that! Now that is “sad.” — J.M.H.


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ATTACKS ON homeless – loathsome – as hate crimes seems good, but that would include non-gay, non-handicapped, non-cross dressing, Christian, non-elderly, white males. It’s certainly not politically correct to give them special status. — M.B.B.

PEOPLE NEED TO face the facts. There are a lot of dangerous criminals in Albuquerque and the police are not going to stop shooting them. If they do, we will all be in trouble! — J.N.L.

IT’S TRULY amazing that the current U.S. DOJ – with all its alleged ongoing serious scandals – would undertake to advise APD of its managerial issues. My faith and trust are still with the rank-and-file members of APD! — R.E.G.

A READER ASKED: Whatever happened to “give us your poor huddled masses yearning to be free”? Answer: The U.S. is broke. Our real unemployment is 12 percent. People stopped looking for work. Welfare, food stamps and debt increased. We cannot take care of our own citizens, much less new immigrants. — T.P.

QUOTE OF THE day from a retiring Albuquerque educator: “Me and my team put the train back on the tracks.” Is it any wonder our kids do so poorly in school? — J.K.