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I thought pot should be legal. I don’t think so today; we have enough problems without a bunch of stoners driving around. – J.K.A.


farmers who use public grazing, in my opinion, are no better than welfare addicts, living off the dime of the hard-working average Joe. – W.P.


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SANTA FE CATERS to the older and wealthier population. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy nightlife. I don’t like Denny’s. – K.N.

I TAUGHT IN New Mexico and Arizona for many years, and was an academic department head and principal. You couldn’t pay me enough to set foot in a classroom under the current political environment. I’d rather farm. – J.W.

NOW THAT WE know that the big corporations are people, we have a better understanding when our Washington politicians tell us they represent and serve the people. – P.A.

I AM TIRED of the implication that I am a low-paid teacher and should be grateful because I don’t have the intelligence to pursue a better paying career. – S.D.

PICK A PARTY , cast a vote. Otherwise, just sit back and wait for the general elections. – E.M.

TELL YOUR legislators, your friends, family and neighbors that marijuana is not benign and should remain illegal for recreational use in New Mexico. – G.S.

THE DISTRICT HAS always had unlimited transfer rights for principals and has a long history of using those rights in capricious, disruptive and punitive ways. I’m glad my union resisted giving the district that power over teachers! – B.L.

EVERY COLLEGE /university should be self-sufficient. Lord knows they charge enough $$$ for the privilege of sitting in their classrooms. – S.D.


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GEE, I WONDER what the correlation is between highly qualified, experienced teachers being pushed out or leaving the profession altogether and low test scores? – E.E.

MAYBE IF THEIR parents had better economic opportunities in N.M., they could better prepare and support their kids in their learning. Poverty’s effect on learning is incontrovertible. – C.Q.

TESLA WILL NEVER come here. Fantasy land. – A.R.

AS THUMB SKILLS improve, reading skills deteriorate. With all of the video games, cell phones, etc., who has time to read a book? – J.A.T.

NOW THAT A few liberal women have convinced the government that we should pay for their birth control, do you think maybe us guys could get a six pack or two off our neighbors? Seems sorta fair. – R.D.H.

WILL TESLA’S battery factory be New Mexico’s next $500 million boondoggle, following in the steps of the Rail Runner and Spaceport America that continue to cost N.M. taxpayers millions of dollars a year to support? And what about environmental issues? Lithium-ion battery manufacturing is not a completely clean industry. – B.L.

CRIMINALS ALLOWED to invade our country illegally through borders opened up for democratic votes should not be given a deportation hearing or any constitutional rights and should be sent back home immediately. These criminals should not be allowed any free services, including legal and medical, at American taxpayer expense. – D.G.