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Police: Quadruple shooting suspect dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The man police were searching for in connection with a Friday shooting that left one woman dead and three others injured shot and killed himself Tuesday morning in the North Valley, according to Albuquerque police.

Marcos Delgado, 46, shot himself, possibly in the head, with a handgun near 11th Street and Bellrose Ave. NW early Tuesday after being chased by officers, police said.

Police are searching for Marcos Delgado, 46, in connection to a shooting that left one dead and three injured on Friday, August 8, 2014.

Police had been searching for Marcos Delgado, 46, in connection with a shooting that left one dead and three injured on Friday, Aug. 8, 2014. They said he shot and killed himself Tuesday morning.

Detectives had been working nonstop to find Delgado throughout the weekend, deputy chief Eric Garcia said in an interview, and they got a tip that he might be driving a new vehicle.

Detectives spotted the white Ford Explorer, and the APD helicopter began following it around 11 or 11:30 p.m. Monday night, Garcia said. Police believed Delgado was in the vehicle with two other people.


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Delgado was seen exiting from the back seat of the vehicle, and undercover detectives who were in the area near 12th Street and Griegos tried to confront him. Detectives arrived, and Delgado opened fire at them with a high-caliber rifle.

The detectives retreated to find cover, Garcia said, and did not return fire. None of the officers was injured.

Josephine Bailey, 52.

Josephine Bailey, 52.

Rafael Reza, 34.

Rafael Reza, 34.

From there, Delgado headed east and jumped through neighborhood back yards and eventually ended up near 11th Street and Bellrose, Garcia said. A witness told police that he saw Delgado standing in the street before Delgado shot himself with a handgun.

Garcia said detectives set up a perimeter and then approached Delgado, and police found him dead with one or more gunshot wounds. Police say Delgado likely had two guns, as he used a handgun to shoot himself.

The two other people who had been in the vehicle with him earlier – 52-year-old Josephine Bailey and 34-year-old Rafael Reza – were charged with harboring or aiding a felon and booked into the county jail. Both have faced criminal charges in the past. It’s unclear how they knew Delgado.

Several neighbors said they heard between six and 20 gunshots around midnight or 1 a.m. Tuesday and that it seemed like whoever was shooting was heading south on 12th Street.

Celia Torres, who has lived in her home near 12th and Bellrose for 45 years, said she heard seven gunshots around 1 a.m., including some that were big and loud enough to make her fear for her safety.

“I got scared. I hid,” she said Tuesday outside her home while watching police activity. “I went under my covers. I was in bed.”


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She said she was again awakened by police lights around 2 a.m.

Garcia could not say how many shots were fired.

He also could not provide many details about Delgado’s whereabouts since Friday.

The manhunt for Delgado involved state, local and federal law enforcement, Garcia said, though the search was mostly limited to New Mexico. He said State Police detectives followed up on a tip that Delgado was in northern New Mexico, but, for the most part, APD has received tips that Delgado had stayed in the area.

Anna Vigil, 27, was shot and killed outside of an auto detailing shop on Friday, August 8, 2014.

Anna Vigil, 27, was shot and killed outside of an auto detailing shop on Friday, August 8, 2014.

While Garcia said it’s unfortunate that Delgado is dead and cannot give police “insight” about his actions, he is no longer a public safety risk.

Delgado was accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend, Anna Vigil, 27, in what police said was a “fit of jealous rage” around midday Friday at Complete Mobile Detailing on Vassar NE. Three other women were shot and injured in the attack.

The three women who survived the shooting were in stable condition Friday afternoon, an APD spokeswoman said. One of the women was released from the hospital on Saturday. A pit bull was also shot twice in its rear end, and is expected to survive.

The shooting sparked a manhunt for Delgado. Police said they considered him “armed and dangerous.”

His black Dodge Charger was found on Tokay NE on Saturday afternoon, police said.