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UpFront: 911 Transcript

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Here is the transcript from a 911 call placed at about 11:30 p.m. May 29, 1999, moments after three teens were found shot to death in an orange Datsun in the East Mountains’ Sandia Knolls subdivision. The caller is a neighbor whose husband was the first to find the victims.

Dispatcher: 911. What’s your emergency?

Caller: I think that there’s gunshots outside.

Dispatcher: OK, how many did you hear?

Caller: I think about six, maybe eight.

Dispatcher: OK, are they real close, OK, are they close to your house?

Caller: Yes, they’re right on the corner and my husband just went outside.

Dispatcher: OK, go and have your husband come back inside.

Caller: (Yelling to her husband ) Get in the house! Get in the house! (Back to the dispatcher) There’s a bunch of cars now. I’m on Piñon Heights on the corner of Jennifer. What is he doing out there? There’s a bunch of (garbled) now. I’m not sure it was, but it sure sounded like it. That’s what he said.

Dispatcher: And there’s lots of vehicles on the corner?

Caller: Well, right now I’d say, I’d say, one, two, three , I think.

(To her husband ) Get in here!

(To the dispatcher) Somebody’s dead, he said. Oh my God!

Dispatcher: OK, we’ve got a possible victim on Piñon Heights.

Caller: Oh my God!

Dispatcher: OK, where are, where is the, can he see the person where he’s at?

Caller: Oh there’s two dead people, he said! Oh my God ! (Sobs) Oh God !

Dispatcher: OK, possible two victims. Is it right out front?

Caller: I can’t he says, he says he thinks there’s two dead people out there.

Dispatcher: OK, stay on the line with me. Hold on one second. I’m trying to get you a rescue call set up.

Caller: Oh, I can’t believe this, right here at our house. What is that? Is it (garbled).

Dispatcher: And your husband can see two?

Caller: He hollered up to me that there were two dead.

Dispatcher: Is your husband down there?

Caller: He’s down there, yes, and he hollered at me to get back in the house. He said there is, there’s two dead people.

(To husband ) Get back up here!

The cars are all are gone. A Blazer. He thinks it’s a Blazer.

(To husband ) Quick, tell me so she can (garbled). A dark-colored Blazer.

Dispatcher: Which way did it go?

Caller: Or a Bronco. Which way did it down, down, down Jennifer. There’s only one way out of the Knolls and that’s down Camino Alto (garbled).

Dispatcher: Possible offender’s vehicle dark-colored Bronco or Blazer last seen headed on Jennifer.

Caller: There’s no way out of the Knolls except Camino Alto. That much I know.

Dispatcher: OK, we’ve already got deputies on the way.

Caller: I don’t know who else is outside but (garbled).

Dispatcher: OK, is your husband , is there people around the ones that are shot?

Caller: Just my husband as far as I know.

Dispatcher: OK.

Caller: I don’t know if anybody else is down there. I can’t reach the phone that far.

Dispatcher: OK, um.

Caller: One’s still alive, he said.

Dispatcher: OK, what I want you to do, if he’s willing to, I want to see if he can go ahead and, um, start some instructions.

Caller: (To husband ) Anybody down there with you? No.

(To dispatcher) OK, what do you want us to do?

Dispatcher: OK, you want, the first thing, pressure has to be applied wherever there’s a wound, wherever there’s blood coming out.

Caller: OK, but he doesn’t have any gloves or anything.

Dispatcher: OK, if you can put, if you want to go ahead and put any kind of like

Caller: He said he’s not touching anything.

Dispatcher: He’s not touching anything? OK, that’s fine.

Caller: I’m sorry.

Dispatcher: What he can do, I mean, even if he just wants to put a towel on there and put, apply pressure with his foot, that’s up to him.

Caller: OK.

Dispatcher: And you just keep putting towels on them, OK. Don’t take the towels off. Just keeping putting towels

Caller: There’s three now, he said! There’s three ! They’re all dead. He’s saying there’s three of them. I’m going to throw up.

Dispatcher: OK, you’ve got a possible three victims, two possibly—

Caller: (To husband ) There’s nobody down there with you?

Dispatcher: Can you put on any kind of cleaning gloves or any—

Caller: (To husband ) Can you come and get a towel and apply pressure with your foot?

(To dispatcher) He thinks they’re dead.

Dispatcher: OK, OK, I need you to take a deep breath for me and calm down. Just take a deep breath.

Caller: Oh my God!

Dispatcher: Just take a deep breath.

Caller: (Sobbing)

Dispatcher: OK, we’ve already got paramedics on the way. Go ahead and let your husband know. Paramedics and police are on the way. They’ve been on the way from your first call.

Caller: (Louder sobs)

Dispatcher: OK, I need you to take a deep breath. You’re doing really, really good. I know it’s real hard.

Caller: (Hysterical sobs) He says that there’s three kids!

Dispatcher: Do you want —

Caller: (Sobbing, husband comes to phone) Talk to her, OK? There’s nothing you can do. Just talk to her.

Caller’s husband: They’re all dead, all three of them.

Dispatcher: OK, OK, we’ve got paramedics.

Caller’s husband: They’re all shot in the head, all in the chest. There was at least 15 rounds. It sounded like a 9 millimeter. They’re all three of them dead.

Dispatcher: OK.

Caller’s husband: Oh, Jesus Christ. (Pause) OK, I got to go.

Dispatcher: OK.

SOURCE: Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department

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