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working on the intersection of Unser and Molten Rock, the descanso there was surrounded by an orange construction fence so it would not be disturbed. Thank you to the construction crew for their respect of a family’s loved one. – E.J.


city council should step down and resign. We have a systematic failure of leadership in this city and state, which is why Albuquerque is last in the United States when it comes to job creation, along with the epidemic of child abuse, random violence and the failures at APD. – B.F.


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THERE ARE PEOPLE on the city council who make an honest effort. However, they have the collective intellect of a peach pit! – E.S.

WE CONSTANTLY read that APD killed 27 people since 2010. Would it not be fair to see this number compared with one of how many people were killed by criminals during that time? It would give everyone a clearer picture of what our law enforcement officers face daily? – I.M.

OPEN THE primaries! – D.S.

THOSE SOUVENIR-STYLE car stickers that say “Iraq” or “Afghanistan” instead of the name of a vacation spot are offensive. It may have felt like a holiday to you, but have some respect for the people who died in those conflicts. – C.S.

FIGURE OUT HOW 50,000 children, most unaccompanied, traveled 1,500 miles unaided from Central America with just clothes they wore and then crossed into the U.S. wearing clean clothes while looking well nourished, to be hidden from public view by the administration. Something stinks here! – M.B.B.

IT DOES TAKE a parent being better educated to be an effective support of their children while they are in school. They should express their expectations, back them up and support the faculty at their children’s school. – C.H.

SANDIA’S PRIMARY mission is ensuring the U.S. nuclear arsenal is safe, secure and reliable, and can fully support our nation’s deterrence policy. Just what does developing solar energy or cancer treatment have to do with nukes? – J.E.H.

SEEMS TO ME that government paid birth control is less expensive than the government raising a child for 18 years or more! – J.M.


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COMCAST SHOULD replace all its so-called “customer service” representatives with technicians who will provide the service their customers pay for. – M.B.

WHILE WE LAUGHED at the Russian people for allowing the NKVD to oppress them, the IRS became our NKVD. The IRS and other agencies took copious notes as they observed the Russians. Who’s laughing now? – J.C.G.

NOW THAT Albuquerque’s oldest living TV news reader has retired, who will accurately read the TV news to the sheeple of Albuquerque? – J.R.

SO A COMMUNITY psychologist who lives in Santa Fe knows how to solve our APD problems here. Another outsider who thinks they know better than we do, what we want or need! Almost worse than the government! – C.T.

HOW MUCH MONEY does the federal, state, county and city save by purchasing vehicles without speedometers or turn signals? – M.B.

WHEN THE LEFT in our country morphed from Democrats to Liberals to Progressives to Socialists, I wasn’t really surprised. I was blown away when they openly supported an inhumane terrorist organization (Hamas). – R.D.H.

PLEASE WAKE UP , Albuquerque! The reason for equipping APD with the best tactical equipment possible is to allow the good guys to be able to stop the bad guys. When one takes the oath to “serve and protect,” more than fly-swatters and stern, authoritative verbal commands are necessary to get the often harrowing job done. – J.E.M.