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Taylor Ranch anxious over planned Walmart

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Some Taylor Ranch residents say are concerned about preliminary plans for a Walmart store on the southeast corner of Coors and Montaño, near the Bosque School.

And the Bosque School community, while not taking a formal position on the plan, also has “concerns.”

In a letter sent to Bosque School parents, Head of School Billy Handmaker wrote:


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“While we understand that this property is zoned for commercial use, there are concerns that we all have with a retail venture as large as Walmart moving into this space. While the site is zoned commercial, consideration must be taken as to impact regarding schools, neighborhoods and traffic.”

The plan is still in the “pre-application” phase, which means no formal paperwork has been turned in to the city’s Planning Department. But the developer’s agent Tierra West LLC has notified nearby businesses and neighborhood associations, and is in the process of setting up public meetings to gather input.

René Horvath, land use director for the Taylor Ranch Neighborhood Association, said the association is “not crazy about” the idea.

“I haven’t heard anything favorable from anyone that’s heard about it,” Horvath said.

She said residents have voiced concerns about increased traffic at the intersection and about the aesthetics of a big box store near the bosque.

“That is a busy intersection already, and we have quite a few Walmarts along Coors Boulevard,” Horvath said. “It would be nice to have a quality commercial site there, but does it have to be another Walmart?”

She said she would prefer to see something else on the site, like restaurants or smaller shops.

Ron Bohannan, president of Tierra West, said public meetings will likely happen in the next few weeks. The dates will be publicized after they are set.

According to the Bosque School letter, the proposed store would be about 95,000 square feet. The school has convened an ad-hoc committee to research the proposal and develop a response.