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Gleewood plays New Mexico-style bluegrass

Gleewood is currently touring in support of its self-titled album.

Gleewood is currently touring in support of its self-titled album.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Callie Sioux Schiavone writes about the images that pop into her head. In fact, that’s the preferred writing style that her band Gleewood likes to do most.

Oh, and they like to write while they are in the mountains.

“The process is really simple,” she says during a phone interview. “We write from what inspires us.”

Ruidoso-based Gleewood is touring in support of its self-titled album, which was released in November.

While the music on the album features a full band, Gleewood is currently touring as a trio. The band consists of Schiavone’s husband, Jhett, and Myles Erdman. All three are native New Mexicans and bring a New Mexico style to their bluegrass music.

Jhett Schiavone says the band has a lot of ballads and story-driven songs, which work in the genre.

He doesn’t know where the band is going with music, but it’s been a good ride so far.

“We’re young and original musicians,” Jhett Schiavone says. “We’ve been blessed to have started out and we’re part of a progressive music scene in New Mexico. I think we’re on our way to playing like 160 shows in the Four Corners area. Most of them are in the state.”

Gleewood amped up its touring schedule earlier this summer as all three members devoted their time to the band full time.

“It makes a difference and now we can stay on the road longer,” Jhett Schiavone says. “When we tour, we also like to make time to see the scenery of where we are playing. We’ll go out hiking or take a trip to the river. We’re combining our two loves and traveling and playing music.”

When it comes to writing the Schiavones will work together on concepts and get the songs almost complete. They will then give them to Erdman, who will put drums and percussions to them.

“The songs aren’t finished until I get to them,” Erdman says with a laugh. “We have to be able to finish the song solidly.”


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