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3rd Congressional District (R) — Jefferson L. Byrd

Jefferson Byrd.Jefferson L. Byrd


RESIDENCE: Tucumcari


RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Environmental engineer working at Navajo Refinery and  Environeering; owner of two small businesses, including a ranch in Northern New Mexico.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, New Mexico State University


1. What can Congress do to help spur job creation?

Creating jobs is a top priority. Regulation and red tape prevent job creation. We must reduce intrusive regulations to boost private sector jobs in industries important to Northern New Mexico. Regulation killed our timber industry. Our tax code is ridiculous. Simplifying our tax code will create a climate favorable to job creation. The government has failed in this arena. We can create good paying jobs for New Mexico – we just need the right ideas.

2. How should Congress address the budget deficit and national debt?

Throwing money into a broken and inefficient system is not going to improve our financial status. A balanced budget amendment forces the United States Congress to spend no more than it has coming in to the coffers. We can achieve this with “The Penny Plan.” That’s one penny reduced out of every dollar we spend until we have a balanced budget. It is immoral to continue spending and taking from our children.

3. How would you propose to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws?

We need immigration reform: 1) We need to secure our borders. 2) Speed up the process to allow legal immigrants to come to the U.S. 3) Reduce the costs for legal immigration. 4) Enforce penalties for employers who actively hire illegal immigrants. We are America, a melting pot full of diverse cultures, and the rule of law will be respected. I am not for amnesty. It sets the precedent that crossing illegally is OK.

4. How would you propose to change the nation’s gun laws, if at all?

I believe in the Constitution and our right to bear arms. Any law that infringes that right I will not support. This position is reflected in the A rating I received from the NRA and the endorsement from Gun Owners of America.

5. Do you approve of the president’s actions in Syria and Iraq?

I think the president’s actions were made late in the game. I do support airstrikes and intelligence on the ground to assist against terrorist groups, such as ISIS. I believe that the generals should be allowed to do their jobs. Paying for these actions would be my job when I get to Congress.

6. What is your approach to foreign policy and especially armed conflicts? Do you envision more U.S. involvement in crisis spots around the globe or less?

We need solid relationships with the leaders of the world, and I support efforts to strengthen those relationships. Whenever crisis occurs that poses a direct threat to America, our interests and our allies – we need to step up without hesitation. We aid many countries in an abundance of ways regularly and even more so in the event of natural or humanitarian crisis. Americans are very compassionate people.

7. New Mexico’s economy is heavily dependent on federal spending. Is this a good economic model for the state? If not, what should be done in the alternative?

No. I believe a state is better off with less dependence on federal dollars. I believe in more power to the states to manage, grow and support their economies. Look at the mess the federal government has gotten us into with its spending. What now needs to happen is that we must leverage the monies already supplied by the federal government to allow the private sector to grow.

8. The U.S. is producing more oil and gas than ever before. Do you support or oppose hydraulic fracturing for natural gas? What energy policies should be implemented with respect to domestic oil and gas production?

I support hydraulic fracturing. It is a proven technique with a history of 30 plus years. I have worked in the energy field with my degree in environmental engineering and see the success of this technology. It greatly contributes to the production of oil and gas which funds the permanent fund. Less regulation on oil and gas production and on all industries should be the policies that are implemented. I support America’s independence from foreign sources of energy and support America’s dependence on New Mexico energy.

9. How should Congress respond to issues of global climate change?

It is a myth. There is no man-made climate change.

10. Has the federal government and the Department of Education gone too far in its oversight of local schools and state education policies?

Yes. I believe in school choice and allowing the local level to handle its education system. This is a state issue. It is unfortunate that local school boards have seen a reduction in their control and authority.

11. Do you think President Obama has overstepped his authority in the use of executive orders, such as creating national monuments in New Mexico, deferring immigration enforcement against children brought to the U.S. illegally and establishing new environmental rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions?

I support and believe in the United States Constitution. I believe President Obama has abused his authority. His executive orders went against the constitutionally mandated process. His decisions were not in favor of the citizens it affected but rather his progressive agenda.

12. Describe your position on abortion.

I believe in the sanctity of life from birth until natural death. I do not support the taxpayer funding of abortions on any grounds. It is not the human race’s role to play God. We have an obligation to promote and support groups that provide support for those who wish to adopt. I am endorsed by National Right to Life and the Catholic Coalition based on these stands.

13. Have you or your business, if you are a business owner, ever been the subject of any state or federal tax liens?


14. Have you ever been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy proceeding?


15. Have you ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of drunken driving, any misdemeanor or any felony in New Mexico or any other state? If so, explain.



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