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Are Liquid Egg Substitutes Better Than Eggs?

I previously wrote about how we don’t need to shun eggs anymore (What’s Up with Eggs? April 7, 2011), but what if you are using a liquid egg product. Is there anything wrong with that? Should you use egg substitutes instead of a “regular” egg? Here is a quick nutritional overview of eggs vs. liquid egg product.

A large, whole egg (white and yolk) contains 75 calories, 4.5 g total fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 215 mg cholesterol, and 6 g protein.

One-fourth cup of egg substitute contains 30 calories, no fat, saturated fat or cholesterol, and 6 g protein. One-fourth cup is the “equivalent” of one whole egg.

What is a Liquid Egg Product?

Liquid egg product is what most of us refer to as an egg substitutes. These products are egg whites with the yolk removed. Since all of the fat and cholesterol is in the egg yolk, then all of the fat and cholesterol are removed, at least in most products. Some do add a little fat, but not much. All that is left is the protein from the egg white. However, liquid egg products also have some added nutrients. Because the egg yolk also contains vitamins A, B12 and D, and some other vitamins and minerals, the liquid egg products add these nutrients to their product so they have the positive benefits of eggs, but not the potential negatives.

What is the Benefit of Liquid Egg Products?

If you consume more than seven whole eggs a week, incorporating egg substitutes may be a good choice. You do not need to replace eggs altogether, but I don’t recommend eating more than the seven each week.

Egg substitutes are also nice if you eat egg white omelets. Instead of cracking 3 to 6 or more eggs, separating them and tossing most or all of the egg yolk, all you need to do is open a carton of egg substitute. Some even come in many flavors. It can be a great time saver.

Is it necessary?

Using liquid egg products are a great alternative to whole eggs; no fat, cholesterol and fewer calories with all the protein. However, unless it is specified that you cut down on your egg consumption, it isn’t always necessary to use them. I keep some egg substitute in my freezer so I can have something on hand, just in case I need them and I am out of eggs, or don’t have enough.

So, enjoy your eggs or liquid egg product – whichever you prefer.