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Bernalillo Water System Expected To Be Functioning Normally On Thursday

Engineers are testing water from Bernalillo’s main well and expect to have water flowing through the town’s system by Thursday morning.

Last week, a pump malfunction at the main well forced the town to activate an emergency backup connection to get water from the city of Rio Rancho.

Bernalillo infrastructure administrator Tony C’De Baca said Monday that the pump has been repaired and town workers are testing water from the well to ensure it meets safety requirements.

Bernalillo has been able to reduce the amount of water it is getting from Rio Rancho and ease watering restriction imposed last week by using water from another well. But that well does not have sufficient capacity to meet the town’s entire needs, C’De Baca said.

Bernalillo made an agreement with the city of Rio Rancho this summer that allowed the town to get water from the city during emergencies. Under the agreement, the town pays Rio Rancho for any water used.


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