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Filling the ‘Void’: RL Grime completes an album

Producer RL Grime is touring in support of his album “Void.”

Producer RL Grime is touring in support of his album “Void.”

RL Grime grew up around the music business. The Los Angeles native cultivated his love for music into an emerging career in the electronic dance music scene.

RL Grime, born Henry Steinway, has released three EPs as well as singles. Yet, for the producer, there’s nothing like the feeling of finally releasing his album “Void” back in November.

“I think it took me so long because I wasn’t ready to release anything before,” he says during a recent interview. “I was content putting out EPs and remixes because it kept me out there. I wanted to create something that was more complete and that’s when work began on ‘Void.’ It was a natural progression for me.”

RL Grime says he pieced together the album after the framework was locked in. He says thinking visually also was a huge part of making “Void” come to life.

“The visual aspect helped guide me with the music,” he says. “Both of these aspects are important to me and I wanted them to co-exist in a great way.”

One would think that growing up in L.A., RL Grime would have an advantage in the music industry. It wasn’t so. He says he has had to work hard at getting gigs and making music.

“I did get to learn a lot about the industry,” he says. “I also had chances to go to lots of the electronic music festivals and see a bunch of artists.”

For the past few years, RL Grime’s profile has been rising in the industry, which is why he’s always on tour.

“Touring has its ups and downs,” he says. “I’m grateful I get to see new cities that I’ve never seen. And I’m able to give my music to a new audience on a daily basis. All of this fun means that I don’t mind being sleep deprived and never really feeling at home.”