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EDM resurgence: The Crystal Method rides the wave and aims to attract new fans

Electronic dance music duo The Crystal Method are touring in support of their self-titled album.

Electronic dance music duo The Crystal Method are touring in support of their self-titled album.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — After nearly two decades of making music, there are still challenges for Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland.

The duo make up the electronic dance music outfit The Crystal Method, which had to overcome some pretty substantial odds to get their self-titled album finished.

It all began with Kirkland getting some bad news.

“I was told I had a benign posterior fossa arachnoid cyst that needed to be removed from my head,” he says during a recent interview. “I was told it was a simple procedure. But they still had to cut into my skull. Then I got an infection that left me in the ICU for 10 days. I think this added to the strength we needed to finish the album.”

With EDM making its way into mainstream music, the duo had to do something different and once again push the envelope in the genre.

Kirkland says a lot of the new fans of EDM haven’t heard of The Crystal Method so it was a chance to introduce themselves to the newer fans and simply name the album after the band.

“It’s been two decades since this started, and electronic music has enjoyed a huge resurgence,” he says.

“The name itself signifies 20 years of doing this. It represents a great deal of hard work, fun and rewards. It’s simply who we are. Actually, we hate coming up with album titles, and it was just easier to call it The Crystal Method. It’s a Walter White-approved name.”

The duo also hooked up with Dia Frampton for the single “Over It” for the album. Jordan says they wanted to work with Frampton because of her unique voice.

“You can tell she could sing anything,” Jordan says. “She brought in the skeleton of the track and it turned into this anthem. It happened during one day in our studio – completely in the moment. That style of collaboration was integral to this album. Instead of having people send their parts in, we recorded together in our studio. We got to capture that essence.”