Marble Brewery’s redesign makes room for its three new beers

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Marble Brewery has plenty of new things to celebrate including a redesigned taproom at its downtown pub and three new special release beers.

Guests now have more elbow room to enjoy their favorite Marble Brewery beers. The renovation also gives the Downtown pub a snazzier but still cozy space where patrons can gather and socialize at a number of long, high-top tables or in comfy, leather loungers.

Head over, take a seat and enjoy Marble’s recently released Nitro Sesh, which is a nitrogenated version of Marble’s popular Red Ale. The Nitro Sesh is a sessionable beer that has a lower alcohol-by-volume content than Marble’s Red Ale. The Nitro Sesh features Equinox, Mosaic and Crystal hops.

“You can have a few of these beers and it won’t go to your head,” Ted Rice, Marble’s president, co-owner and brewmaster said. “It is creamy, smooth and soft on the palate.”

Marble just tapped its new Choice Blanc as a request for an upcoming beer conference. Rice said Marble was approached to create a single-malt, single-hop beer for the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference being held in mid-April in Portland, Ore.

The Choice Blanc is made using German Hallertau Blanc hops, which gives it distinctive white grape, tropical, fruity hop notes. The English Pale Malt cools the lager fermentation so that there is not much of a fermentation quality to it, according to Rice.

“It is a real delicious beer,” Rice said of Choice Blanc.

Marble also did not forget St. Patrick’s Day. It will have its Patty McNitro on tap Tuesday just in time for the Irish celebration.

“It is a nitrogenated stout,” Rice explained. “It is a session beer blend, barrel aged Imperial Stout with a hint of whiskey dropped in like an Irish Car Bomb.”

If you cannot make it to Marble, on St. Patty’s Day, don’t worry. Rice said the Patty McNitro should be available for about a month or more.

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