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Cut off the Power of Clutter Magnets – Sacred Space

Organizing Tips from Ask the Experts’ Elizabeth Tawney Gross

You can take the magnetic power out of the places that have become clutter magnets with a technique called “sacred space.” By defining an area as sacred, you have declared that its magnetic power has been cut off.

The concept of sacred space is not used in a religious way. It’s used as a metaphor that gives a visual impression that most people recognize. When you claim a space as sacred, you then treat it as an altar would be treated. Many religions use altars. They are special places set aside to be used only for worship activities.

To clutter up an altar is to desecrate it. To pile clutter on your sacred space would also desecrate it. When you think of your space in this way, you’ll think twice before you dump clutter on it.

To keep the space from getting cluttered again, decide what activities can be done there.

Just as a religious altar is only used for specific purposes, so should your space. When you have defined the activities you want do in the space, you can limit the items kept there to only those needed to accomplish that purpose.

Keep only the things you use very frequently on your sacred space. Put everything else away so it remains clear.

By declaring a space as sacred, and only for specific purposes, you can stop its magnetic attraction to clutter.

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