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Electronic Duo Ready for a House Party

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Christina Ryat and Tim Conley are all about taking risks when it comes to music.

The Philadelphia-based duo, who are behind RYAT, make electronic music by using a plethora of samples and usually make it all up on the fly.

“Our method to recording is unique,” Conley says during a recent phone interview from Philadelphia. “Our songs tend to evolve over time and always come up with something different.”

Conley said he and Ryat started making music together after meeting at a concert.


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“Christina was already performing under the name,” he said. “She was well known around the local scene and we clicked. We started jamming together and decided to give it a go.”

The band is currently touring in support of its current release “Avant Gold.”

Ryat said she many of the tracks on the CD were tried out when the band first went on tour in Europe.

“To tell you the truth, on our first tour out there, we just went out and played,” she says. “We were making things up as we went and it all seemed to work out.”

Ryat said the writing process for “Avant Gold” was pretty seamless.

She said while most bands write a song around the vocals, the duo made the music first.

“We made the music and I consider it to be instrumental,” she says. “When we added the vocals, it changed the structure and it became more songlike and turned into a pop album.”

Conley said the band’s evolution has been a natural progression.


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He said the duo has been working on its live show and thinking outside of the box.

“Our live set is an interpretation of what we’re doing on the album,” he says. “It’s not a verbatim music from the album. It’s what strikes us.”

Ryat said their show in Albuquerque is going to be a great house party event.

“It’s a show that’s going to be done on the fly,” she says. “Those are the best shows because you never know what’s going to happen. It’s funny because a lot of people always find our shows and we’re excited to be out on tour giving them our music.”



with Great White Buffalo

WHEN: 7 p.m. Sunday, March 20

WHERE: Dad’s House, 601 Solano NE