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Police take heat and still take care of your messes

People criticize, demean and attack law enforcement every day. They have entrusted officers from the day they take their oaths to make judgment calls every moment they wear that uniform and badge, yet scrutinize them for the very judgments they have asked them to make.

They march in protest of them for the violence they claim our officers exhibit and yet they themselves are inciting the very violence they protest. Hypocrisy!

As the wife of an officer, let me tell you how it is.

My husband puts on his uniform every day with pride, conviction and commitment to protect the people and right the wrongs of society despite the judicial system allowing the wrongs to continue happening.

Law enforcement gets the blame but it is the judicial system that is failing the people and law enforcement by allowing the same problems to continue occurring because of lack of consequence.

Every day when my husband goes to work my children and I worry if he is going to be OK and come home safe. Are people going to become aggressive toward him and intentionally provoke his human nature because he wears a badge and then crucify him for the way he handles their own behavior?

Police officers have to deal with the worst at all times. They deal with the mentally ill, the inebriated and substance influenced, the angry and outraged, the domestically violent, the child abusers, the criminal element.

People in these situations are not in their right minds for whatever reason. The public sees the same situations that police officers see in the streets, in restaurants, grocery stores, schools, in their own homes, etc. But the difference is the public has the choice of walking away. Police officers do not.

Dealing with these situations is what they do. It is their job. Their way of life is to protect and serve.

They never get to leave their job behind, they are always on the job even when off duty; that is who they are.

It is extremely sad that my children cannot show their pride for what their father does because it could provoke a fight at school or bullying because kids are jaded by their parents’ negative opinions.

It is easy to judge and criticize the job that police officers do based on what the public sees on the news or hears from other people.

People have no idea of the lives police officers live every day. They want to tell the police how they think they should do their jobs when they have no idea how it is mentally, physically or emotionally for them.

It’s easy to judge from the outside. If people think they know how the job should be done then maybe they should walk in the policeman’s shoes rather than walk away and judge. Maybe they should shoulder the burdens of society every day rather than crucify the police for one situation.

Aim the frustration at the judicial system that allows the situations to continue to happen because of lack of consequence for many criminals. Most of the people who police deal with are repeat offenders. The escalated situations are rarely a first time offense.

Some people are criminalizing police officers, and yet it is the police who are protecting society from the real criminals. And these criminals are becoming more dangerous and violent .

Despite all of the controversy, scrutiny, lack of respect and the intended humiliation, officers still put on that uniform and badge every day and go to work to protect the public. And yet the public thinks they can do it better.

If society thinks it’s easy for police to deal with the situations they face day in and day out then they are really clueless.

My husband tries to shelter us from his job, but it’s very apparent when things are bothering him. I try to be supportive, but he doesn’t want me to have to hear about what he has to deal with. The only ones who truly understand what he deals with are fellow officers.

They see and handle the worst of society every day. It takes a special person with a good heart, strong mind and commitment to do the thankless job of protecting and serving society. They work hard to provide a safe environment for us to function in everyday.

Please do as I do and pray for their safety every day.