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Three reasons why you should own a firearm

Presented by: Los Ranchos Gun Shop

How To Sell A Used Gun
There are numerous ways to sell a used gun. Simply stop in at your local gun shop and an expert member of its staff can help recommend the best option based on the situation and need.

Self-defense, sports and patriotism top the reasons for owning a weapon

Owning a firearm comes with a number of benefits, including target marksmanship, self-defense and hunting capabilities. Add to that the fact that it is patriotic to own a firearm – bearing arms is a right that goes back to the birth of the United States – and you have some good reasons to own a weapon.

For these reasons, retaining a firearm is a practical symbol of the freedom American citizens enjoy every day.


Crime is a fact. Many bad people in the world are intent on doing their fellow man harm. Owning a firearm is an effective self-defense tactic.

There is no reason to get caught in a life or death situation unprepared, especially when Americans have the right to own firearms and defend themselves. Whether it’s a handgun, shotgun or rifle, there are products on the market to fit almost anyone’s self-defense needs and budget.

Sports & Hunting

Hunting rifles are keepsakes in many families and are a source of fun and joy for owners.

Parents and their children can go hunting and spend quality time together, while enjoying the outdoors and getting some exercise.

There is no substitute for family members spending time together in a calm, peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The same can be said for couples or for individuals looking to escape from their daily routine.


Expressing one’s patriotism can be overt or subtle, and owning a firearm can be both.

Keeping a firearm at home in a secure location is a subtle show of patriotism, while going to the gun range and squeezing off a few rounds is more patent.

Ammunition in Albuquerque is plentiful, making it possible for gun owners to go to the shooting range and express their patriotism whenever they want to. Given the number of servicemen and women who defended our rights to bear firearms, there is no greater way to show appreciation for their service than to own a gun.

Owning a firearm allows you to exercise your independence by exercising your rights.  There is no reason to compromise one’s freedom or personal security.