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Welfare Greases Skids to Failure

(DEATHS OF infants by drugged-out adults) are caused by our own compassion.

Like it or not, these deaths are being bought and paid for by our welfare dollars through a system that outright rewards illegitimacy, laziness, drug use and every kind of wretched behavior imaginable.

I’m not against helping the infirm or elderly, but it’s about time we removed perfectly healthy adults from the welfare roll and, as harsh as it sounds, it will be to their advantage and to their children’s advantage to face the struggle of raising families with coupon clipping, financial sacrifices and headaches that strengthen us and create good role models to follow. We are robbing ourselves of the pleasure of accomplishing things in our lives that we worked for by ourselves.

Sadly, we have created excuses to drop out of school and not pursue further education. In fact, education, the key to getting ahead, is mocked by new generations of TV-watching, drug-sedated young adults. And we have destroyed our families by making it so easy for welfare to pay for the fallout of divorce — that is, if anyone bothers to marry.

Further, we prop up and funnel billions of tax dollars into the illegal drug world by allowing youngsters to begin life in broken homes and then drift into drug use.

But thanks to welfare, we have replaced morality with lifestyles drawn from the sewer of celluloid Hollywood. Saving for a rainy day has become live for today. Hard work and sacrifice is looked down on as something only a stupid person would pursue.


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My dad saw the problems ahead back in the 1930s when Roosevelt introduced welfare. He accurately predicted that it would grow like a cancer and it would ruin our country.

Like the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the welfare system has become the general contractor in this sorry situation.