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Fridays Heroes: Off-Duty Cop Helps Nab Shoplifter



An Albuquerque police officer who helped catch a suspected felon while off duty was this week’s hero, city officials announced.

Officer Adam Portillos was shoe shopping with his family when he saw a man run away with a pair of stolen shoes. Portillos chased the man and called for help. The man, who officials say is a known gang member, was arrested.

Police Chief Ray Schultz said he was very proud of Portillos’ extra effort.

“He could have just said, ‘hey, i’m off duty, I’m not working,'” Schultz said. “We’re very proud of the actions Officer Portillos took.”

Also honored on Friday was former deputy chief Michael Castro, who retired last year.


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Castro was organized this year’s NRA Police Shooting Championship and was instrumental in getting the NRA to commit to two more years of hosting the event in Albuquerque, said public safety director Darren White.

White, who said Castro trained him when he was promoted to sergeant many years ago, called Castro’s work “a massive endeavor.”

Castro was paid a symbolic $1 under contract for an entire year of planning, officials said.

White said the mayor, who usually hosts Friday’s Heroes but was out of town this Friday, was so impressed by Castro’s efforts “that he recommended we double your contract.”