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with all my heart to everyone who worked so hard to help others across New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma during this weather event – often, at risk to their own safety. Many of you saved lives, worked on our roads, helped the stranded and injured, provided rides to shelters, gave people a warm safe place to stay and donated food, blankets, and bedding. – K.K.

IT JUST AMAZES me how little regard criminals have for the lives of their victims but how great their regard is for their own lives. – B.S.

NEXT TIME IT snows and you have a loved one in the hospital, check staffing levels. Visited an ill friend Saturday (Dec. 26), and although Albuquerque residents had ample warning about snow, several nursing staff called in. Funny thing is, employees from other departments – including housekeeping and food services – made it to work! – S.N.

LET’S SEE, the Water Authority wants to raise our water rates by $11 a month for two years in order to spend $20 million to move water lines for the new bus route. I think we should continue to drive the buses over the water lines, not under them. – T.A.C.

THE ONLY WAY to save the lottery scholarship is to bump up entrance requirements to our state’s flagship university – UNM. Then again, based on our recent PARCC scores, UNM would be out of business in a hurry. Get smart, New Mexico! – T.B.H.

GREAT TO SEE the legislature demonstrating leadership in reforming the gross receipts tax. – J.H.

I LOVE THE naiveté demonstrated by all the emotional regurgitation of the liberal talking points by the gun grabbers. I don’t have a problem with people who disagree, but please do it from an informed position – otherwise it’s just whining. – J.L.

IF LAW ENFORCEMENT would concentrate on the real crime and stop harassing, stalking and bullying citizens who haven’t committed a crime, Albuquerque might be a safer place. – B.T.

WHY DON’T THEY have police outside bars measuring the blood alcohol of people coming out planning to drive? That would largely stop the problem and it wouldn’t have to been done everywhere and to everybody. The bars wouldn’t care for that, however, so it will never happen. – D.C.

I THOUGHT Santa Fe style was an oxymoron. – S.H.

NEW MEXICO TEACHERS need to be paid a decent wage and then, if they were paid a decent wage, better teachers could be hired – we already have many good teachers, but they’re not allowed to teach. – F.R.

WHY, IF THEY can make a pill bottle that a kid can’t open, can’t they make a gun that a kid can’t fire? – J.W.

PEOPLE BRING their dogs with them everywhere. I see dogs sitting in grocery carts meant for food. Today was a new low. In a small, crowded store sat a large, muscular male pit bull in the middle of the main aisle. “He’s friendly.” Come on people, leave your non-service dogs home. – B.L.

HOW STUPID is it to legally allow a suspected terrorist who is on a “no-fly list” to buy or own a military-style semi-automatic assault rifle and bullets for that gun? Our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves. – J.I.

SO, IF THE State of New Mexico does finally comply with Real ID, how will it issue over one million new Real ID-compliant licenses? That will not be an instantaneous process. – K.A.

VOTE REPUBLICAN to improve law and order. Remove district attorneys who plea down violent crimes and remove lenient judges who release violent offenders – C.B.

WE HAVE TOO many people who are free speech advocates, unless you disagree with their ideology or opinions. In that situation, they will conjure up any pinball logic to assure that you are silenced. – B.J.C.

THE LIFE AND needs of these immigrants is clearly expressed by their dangerous journey. And if you don’t get that, you might have to check if you’re human! – C.M.

LIMIT ACCESS to guns, minimize gun production – S.S.

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