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Bernie is true liberal; Clinton just falls short

Bernie Sanders is the true Democrat!

There is not much difference between Hillary and the Republicans on some very key issues. For example, Hillary and the Republicans voted yes on military incursions in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan; Bernie voted against all four. Regarding Prisons for Profits and long incarcerations, Hillary and the Republicans voted for them, and Bernie voted against both. On the Keystone Pipeline, the Republicans supported it; Hillary originally supported it and now has no comment; Bernie consistently opposed it. On Snowden and the NSA, Clinton stated that she “could never condone Snowden’s actions” (as did the Republicans); Bernie said that Snowden was “defending American freedom.”

Regarding increasing the regulation of Wall Street, Clinton voted no and praised the repeal of the Glass-Steagal act (as did the Republicans); Bernie voted to uphold this important measure. On the Patriot Act taking away personal rights, Clinton and the Republicans both supported this, and Bernie opposed it.

On campaign financing reform, Hillary “supports” reform, but has accepted over $1 billion from banks, corporations and super PACs (consistently like the Republicans), while Bernie authored a constitutional amendment against the group, Citizens United, and has steadfastly refused super PAC money.

Regarding spying on Americans, Republicans supported this, Clinton had no comment and Bernie opposed. Concerning offshoring American jobs, Bernie is against, including NAFTA, and Hillary, like the Republicans, supports both offshoring American jobs and NAFTA.

From Policy Mic: “For all their difference, there is none so bright and bold as the manner in which they have raised money. … Based on an analysis of donations: Sanders receives over 60 percent of his campaign contributions from small donors giving between $1 and $200, compared with Clinton who receives less than 10 percent from that segment.”

From Huffington Post’s brilliant and concise analysis: “Sanders has served as an elected official for over 34 years; Clinton has not. Sanders has supported gay rights since the early ’80s; Clinton has not. Sanders wants to end the prohibition of marijuana; Clinton does not. Sanders wants to end the death penalty; Clinton does not. Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour; Clinton does not. Sanders wants to break up the biggest banks; Clinton does not. Sanders voted against the Wall Street bailout; Clinton did not. Sanders supports a single-payer health care system; Clinton does not. Sanders refrains from waging personal attacks for political gains; Clinton does not. Sanders considers climate change our nation’s biggest threat; Clinton does not. Sanders voted against the Patriot Act; Clinton did not. Sanders voted against the war in Iraq; Clinton did not.”

This list goes on and on. I am not telling you who to vote for either in the primary or in the general election; I am just trying to clarify these huge differences between the candidates, so you can more accurately decide with the full facts at your disposal.

One key statistic from Santa Fe County: of the 148 delegates who have been duly elected to go to the coming state convention, 112 are for Bernie!

That is one more than 75 percent who in Santa Fe have chosen this progressive to become our next president and, to make clear: He doesn’t want to raise taxes for the middle class, but does for the very wealthy and for very large corporations. The idea of a government that serves the people is really not so radical, is it?

Stephen Fox is a Santa Fe gallery owner.

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