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Magazine Says ABQ Is Nation’s 2nd Best Place To Make Movies

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Boston topples Duke City from last year’s No. 1 ranking in MovieMaker magazine’s annual countdown.

MovieMaker magazine has ranked Albuquerque as the No. 2 city among this year’s Top 10 places for independent filmmakers, New Mexico Business Weekly reported.

Boston beat out the Duke City for the No. 1 spot, which Albuquerque held in 2010, the Business Weekly said. New Orleans was named No. 3 and Austin, Texas, was No. 4, followed by Atlanta; Seattle; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Detroit; Los Angeles; and Richmond, Va.

According to the Business Weekly, the article (which has not been posted yet on the magazine’s website) notes that New Mexico offers one of the nation’s most successful tax incentive programs, and Matt Reeves, who directed “Let Me In,” told MovieMaker that the local crew base is one of the best, most caring and hardest working he has worked with.

Director Ryan Piers Williams, who shot “The Dry Land” in New Mexico, praised the versatile landscapes, local actors and crew base as professional and hard-working, with a passion for making independent films, according to the MovieMaker article.


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Last year, when the magazine called Albuquerque the best place in the nation to make an independent film, the Albuquerque Journal reported that the city had been in the magazine’s Top 10 rankings for the previous four years.

The magazine, which targets independent filmmakers, praised the city last year for its film-friendly atmosphere, vibrant nightlife, Albuquerque Studios and the state’s film incentives, the Journal said.

This year, according to the Business Weekly, the magazine notes that Albuquerque offers a variety of landscapes — from urban cityscapes and ultra-modern dwellings to “prairie land and old Victorian homes, ensuring a suitable backdrop for any kind of project.”