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Q&A: Senate District 19 (R) – Jim Wilder

jim_wilderNAME: Jim Wilder (on the ballot as James Roger Wilder)

POLITICAL PARTY: Republican Party

OCCUPATION: Corporate Sales for a Major International Airline

RESIDENCE: Sandia Park, NM

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Political Outsider; 30 years of continuous employment listening to customers and building strategic business relationships in the airline and travel industries.

EDUCATION: University of New Mexico (1980-1981); B.S. Aviation Management, Florida Institute of Technology (1985)

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: www.electjimwilder.com

1. I would examine the possibility of trimming spending before I considered increasing taxes, in every situation.

2. I oppose raising the minimum wage. My first full-time job was loading luggage for Southwest Airlines for $6.20 per hour. I learned that hard work, dedication, and education lead to increased earning power. Increasing the minimum wage would stifle entrepreneurship and small business growth. I believe in free market capitalism.

3. I do not support dependence on high stakes standardized testing tied to teacher evaluations. Teachers need to spend more time teaching students than testing them. We need less government involvement controlling our schools and give more control to local school boards and communities.

4. I support legalizing marijuana use in New Mexico and applying similar restrictions that we have placed on tobacco and alcohol use. I don’t use tobacco or marijuana, but it’s not anyone’s place to tell my neighbor or someone suffering in pain from a disease not to use marijuana.

5. I do not support social promotion. My daughter is a second grade student in the Albuquerque Public School system. If she is not proficient in reading at the end of the third grade, then she should not advance to a higher grade.

6. While I encourage school readiness activities for all children, I do not support expanding government programs. I do not support providing “more money” for early childhood programs out of the state’s largest permanent fund on an annual basis.

7. I support the creation of a state ethics commission that publicly releases complaints and holds open hearings.

8. I support making New Mexico a right-to-work state, like Arizona and Texas. The economy in the 19th senate district in New Mexico has stagnated during the last eight years. Our citizens need good jobs, our small businesses need revenue, and our state needs the revenue that a growing economy will generate.

9. As a father who watched two of his children develop in the womb, and after attending both of their births, I support banning abortions after 20 weeks in New Mexico. This is a Life issue and a Liberty issue.

10. I support the 2nd Amendment rights of sportsmen, ranchers, and other citizens. While I believe that we have a responsibility to manage coyote populations in some areas, I think coyote-killing contests should be banned. I also think we should ban trapping and the use of poisons on public lands.

11. I support updating the current prohibition on assisted suicide under certain medical circumstances. I formed my opinion when my father was dying from esophageal cancer. He was not allowed to control his final week of life, and he died without dignity. This is a Liberty issue.

12. I support a change that would earmark a portion of the state’s existing excise and gasoline tax revenue for state road projects.

13. I support allowing experienced, retired law enforcement officers to return to work while still collecting pension benefits to shore up department staffing, if the program protects the solvency of the retirement fund. I appreciate the service and experience of our active and retired law enforcement officers.

14. I support allowing independent voters to vote for candidates in one established political party in our state’s primary elections.

15. Yes, I support expanding the state’s three-strikes law for repeat violent offenders. I also think we need stronger DWI / DUI laws in New Mexico.

16. I oppose enacting a “cooling-off” period before former lawmakers can lobby the Legislature.

17. I oppose a law that would impose curfews on minors under the age of 16. This is a Liberty issue.

18. I support archiving webcasts of all legislative meetings for public access.

19. I support establishing a basic salary and term limits for legislators. I’ve learned during my first campaign this year that our system discourages many hardworking citizens from running for office. There are also too many candidates who are unopposed in our primary elections.

20. Public employees, including teachers, should be allowed to serve in the Legislature. Our governing bodies should be inclusive of all members of the constituency.

Personal background

1. No

2. No

3. No

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