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House District 21 (D) – Debbie Sariñana

Debbie-SarinanaNAME: Debbie Sariñana


OCCUPATION: Math teacher, Manzano High School

RESIDENCE: Albuquerque

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: I will bring my experiences as an educator, veteran, long-time resident of the district and mother to advocate and serve in the interest of our children, students and families.

EDUCATION: Achieved National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Mathematics, 2012; Masters of Arts in Secondary Education-Mathematics, University of New Mexico, 2007; Bachelor of Science in Education, New Mexico State University, 1983; APS High School Summer Algebra Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2010; La Meta-Math Institute, University of New Mexico, 2009-2011; La Meta-Program for Math Teachers, UNM, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, 2005-2006; Manzano High School, 1978


1. Education and other state priorities are already running on tight budgets. Rather than cutting programs that would harm our state and most vulnerable, I support closing tax loopholes and revenue raising measures that require the rich and out of state corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.

2. Yes, I support raising the minimum wage to $10-$15 an hour. New Mexicans deserve to be paid a living wage for their hard work and we should calculate a fair wage that makes sense for our state.

3. This policy necessarily ties teacher pay to student test scores. The problem with that system is that teachers are incentivized to teach to a test and student learning suffers. I support adequately funding education, and giving teachers the tools they need to succeed in the classroom.

4. This questionnaire began with the revenue crisis that our state is facing. We’ve seen this experiment play out in other states and the data tells us that when legalization efforts are properly regulated and taxed they can bring in a lot of money to fund our state priorities.

5. Automatically holding our kids back without parent involvement when these kids reach the third grade is a harmful approach to dealing with our education crisis. Instead, we should focus our efforts on properly funding early childhood education and implementing a student-learning plan that involves parents throughout the process.

6. I believe the permanent fund could be a proper sustainable funding source for early childhood education. This money is sitting at over $10 billion dollars and the interest it generates should be invested in our children. Lawmakers should also continue to monitor the fund levels on a regular basis.

7. Yes, I believe that we need an independent ethics commission to investigate credible complaints and to hold elected officials accountable for corruption and mismanagement. No one is above the law and an independent election commission would go a long way toward restoring the public’s trust in our state government.

8. No, everyone has the right to work, but everyone also has the right to work for a fair wage and under fair working conditions. I don’t support measures that are aimed at creating barriers for workers to organize, communicate their concerns and hold their leaders accountable.

9. I oppose measures that would interfere with a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, especially when her life is at risk. Those are personal decisions that should remain between a woman and her doctor.

10. I don’t support coyote-killing contests that do not respect wildlife. If there are concerns about coyotes then we should come together to find an ethical and effective solution to controlling our native wildlife populations.

11. Everyone has the right to die with dignity. We should respect life decisions that are made between terminally ill individuals, their families and their doctors. I don’t believe that the government should interfere to prosecute doctors who are respecting their patients’ wishes.

12. Yes, we should adequately fund our roads. When we don’t properly invest in our infrastructure our economy suffers.

13. No, I don’t support double dipping measures that allow officers to collect retirement benefits while they are receiving a proper salary for the job they are performing. It sets a bad precedent that is unfair and that would inevitably jeopardize the solvency of our state’s retirement fund.

14. Maybe, party primaries are in place to allow a self-selecting group of voters to elect their party’s leadership. When we force groups to open that process we start to interfere with their constitutional right to associate. However, we should also encourage unaffiliated voters to participate in our democracy.

15. No, these efforts have not worked to reduce crime in other states and it’s not clear that the result would be any different in New Mexico. We should focus on passing reforms that will actually make our communities safer.

16. Yes, this is one common-sense measure that will help remove the influence of money in politics. We must stop the revolving door that incentivizes lawmakers to be more concerned with securing their next high paying job with a special interest group than with addressing their constituents’ needs.

17. No, I don’t support measures that create more ways to criminalize our youth without actually making communities safer. Also, this measure could lead to other civil rights violations because it’s unclear how law enforcement officers will be able to differentiate between a 16-year-old and other young adults.

18. Yes, I support measures that increase government transparency.

19. Yes, because public office would be more accessible to average New Mexicans. Currently, people can’t afford to run for office unless they have a flexible employer or are retired. People should have the opportunity to represent their community and NM would benefit from a new pool of talented leaders.

20. No, it does not make sense to restrict teachers and other community members from participating in our democracy. These individuals are also full time citizens who understand the needs of our communities. They engage with kids and parents on a daily basis and add valuable perspectives to our Legislature.

Personal background:

1. No

2. No

3. No

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