Letters to the editor

Don’t try to erase our history

I WOULD BEG to take issue with UNM Board of Regents President Rob Doughty who wants to change the UNM seal (“Symbols are important touchstones,” May 12) because it offends “some students.”

To me, the UNM seal is an historical symbol that explains how this university, this creation/jewel of Western Civilization, came to be located here. The symbols represent the unalterable facts of history.

If some historical facts have unpleasant connotations – and most do – then study and learn from them. The worst thing you can do is attempt to hide or erase them. After all, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The Communists are infamous for “erasing” unwanted facts from history.

Hiding from the truth by claiming it “offends” you is not only childish, but dangerous. However, in the spirit of being helpful, I would suggest a seal containing the iconic 3 monkeys representing “hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil.” No offense intended.


Bosque Farms

Relic has no place in our future

RELICS HAVE NO place in our future. I don’t mean old objects that people collect and put in their homes or museums.

When I say relics, I am talking about the outdated symbolic representations of the past. UNM has an eyesore of one called the university seal. Hundreds of students, faculty and staff oppose it.

If we polled the community outside the university, we might have a landslide of opposition. UNM should take the voices of criticism so far expressed as a looming sign of the future.

Symbols that uphold the brutal actions and bloody outlines of the past should very quickly be eliminated. Recognizing the valid concerns of students and community members is actually a step toward the future.


Associate Professor,

Chicana and Chicano Studies

and American studies, UNM


College sure has changed

AS APPARENTLY most, but not all, of the students going to college, my objectives were simple:

1. Take the courses and get the grades necessary to graduate as quickly as possible;

2. Work jobs during the school year and across the summers to pay from going to college. Granted that was in the time when a student could earn enough through those jobs to cover tuition and costs as an in-state student;

3. Participate in campus activities – sports events – organized and intramural, plays, entertainment specials, etc.;

4. Party with friends – when studying was done or when a break was needed.

Frankly, whether or not the universities had seals and what they looked like was of no interest to me. I was there to learn and to be prepared to support myself for the rest of my life.

So, as Shakespeare wrote: “Much Ado About Nothing” from the perspective of what the mission of UNM should be.



I’m offended you’re offended

Here we go again!

A few students at the university (UNM) want to change the seal that has been there for years and years. They are calling it racist because it has a conquistador on it.

Why do so few people get their way just because it offends 10 of them? Now we are getting to the point of looking for things to challenge. Just like the Confederate flag, it is “history” not racist, we are taking all the history of the country away to please 6 percent of the people, and the rest of us don’t matter.

I think everyone can have their opinion, but leave well enough alone. The Nativity offends a man from Wisconsin and he tries to get it taken down, a cross in the desert offends one person who drives by it and wants it removed. Then because North Carolina won’t let men in women’s bathrooms, the NCAA, NFL and ESPN are going to boycott N.C.

Is this crap ever going to stop? Let businessmen and people have their own beliefs and rights. Too many people are on the bandwagon to change America or sue someone or put someone out of business because they don’t believe like someone else.

America is in bad shape now, don’t say this or don’t do that, or don’t offend someone, or don’t have your own opinion. Think like everyone else wants you to, or you are wrong.

Can’t we all get along and do our own thing without worrying we might be racists, or think a little differently? Oh and just to end, I flew my Christian flag and I think someone thought that shouldn’t be done, but guess what? I flew it again the next day.

My rights are just as important as anyone else’s.



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