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Hobbs Bans Synthetic Marijuana

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — City officials say ban enacted Monday more extensive than statewide ban signed into law last week.

HOBBS (AP) _ Hobbs city commissioners voted Monday to ban synthetic marijuana in the southeastern New Mexico city despite a recently enacted statewide ban.

City attorney Tara Wood says Hobbs’ ordinance is more extensive than the state law, banning additional substances including salvia and some bath salts. She says it was important to include salvia, which she described as a potent naturally occurring hallucinogen.

The term synthetic marijuana covers a group of chemicals that produce a high similar to that of marijuana. The substances, sprayed onto dried herbs, are sold in stores and over the Internet under such names as K-2, Spice, Genie and Sage.

Gov. Susana Martinez signed the statewide ban last week.

Hobbs commissioners first heard about synthetic marijuana after a police department school resource officer brought it to his supervisors’ attention.


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