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Smart homes ease homeowners’ minds

Everyone benefits from smart home features


We have all had the feeling that we forgot to do something. It can be while we are in the car headed to work or in an airplane ready to go on vacation. We ask ourselves if we forgot to lock the door, turn off the lights or if our family, including pets, are doing okay.

With so much responsibility in our lives, it can be difficult to constantly ensure your family and home are safe and secure. Smart homes offer a range of features, from checking the temperature of the home to monitoring family members’ activities, all at the touch of the button on your mobile device.

Smart homes come with options for a home automation controller that allows the user to control things like door locks, light switches, thermostats, cameras, security systems and energy monitoring solutions from their smartphone or tablet. All these functions are at the fingertip of the homeowner, even from hundreds of miles away.

With the touch of a button homeowners can make sure all doors are locked, turn on the lights to make it look like someone is home and adjust the thermostat to make sure the temperature is appropriate for pets. Elderly family members can be monitored through cameras. Parents can receive text messages telling them the exact moment their children arrive home. Smart homes have security features that alert the owner when something, or someone, is in trouble.

The smart home industry is growing right here in Albuquerque. Brian McCarthy, co-owner of Abrazo Homes, has seen the benefits that smart homes offer people first hand. Abrazo smart homes are all inclusive and feature a tutorial that elderly people love, said McCarthy. Abrazo Homes was the featured builder in the 2015 Fall Parade of Homes and won the Avid gold award for best customer service.

Smart homes are not just for techy millennials, but big families and travelers who want options when it comes to security and surveillance of their home and family members. Security features on Abrazo homes use the same protocols as banks. The biggest risk is not changing the default password after setup, McCarthy said. It is generally easier for someone to take your keys than to access your smart home security system.

Smart homes are like cell phones, upgrades and new features are always available, but it is on the shoulders of the homeowner to explore those options. Above all, smart homes offer ease of mind. Never again worry about forgetting to lock a door or window, whether or not your child got home or who is watching your home when you finally go on that nice vacation.