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Maximize speed, value of home sale

Don’t leave money on the table when selling your home


If you think cleaning & decluttering are enough, you are leaving money on the table. Cleaning and decluttering are necessary, vital in fact, but only one small step in properly preparing a property for sale.

You also need to identify and correct obstacles in the property. If not, you are leaving money on the table. Homes with obstacles will not capture top dollar or sell quickly. Buyers are smart, they will look past pretty furniture and notice the obstacles. This causes them to either walk away or take money off the top- significantly inflating actual costs for each issue identified.

If you are waiting to prepare the property for sale, you are also leaving money on the table. The longer you delay the more money you lose. You will lose even more equity if you wait until you actually move. With that situation you are carrying two properties with all of the related expenses and stress. When you move and leave the property vacant, it further increases your preparation and insurance costs.

Start early, the moment you want to sell your house, and place your property on the market while you are still living in it. If that is not convenient, remember that convenience has a very large price tag and translates to a loss of equity.

Sellers must remember that the house should not just look pretty. Placement of furniture, art, lighting and accessories matters; otherwise you are leaving money on the table. Showcasing is more than decorating- it is marketing.

When selling, you should also test your property. Stand in the entry and close your eyes. When you open them, note the first five things you see. If the house’s features are not the focus, you lost the sale. It’s that simple.

Showcasing starts before the walk through, strategic photos will entice buyers. Once on site, buyers are guided from room to room and encouraged to envision themselves living there. Make sure the property also encourages that.

In summary, while pretty, clean and decluttered are nice, showcasing sells houses faster. When faced with obstacles, buyers will either walk away or reduce bids. Overcoming obstacles with creative and cost effective solutions allows properties to sell for more money. Call an expert to guide decisions and stay ahead of buyer’s objections. Overall, remember that delay is time and time is money.


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