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Stay safe while selling your home

Placing your home on the market today is like inviting strangers in for a cup of tea. Your personal possessions, taste in decor and the visible parts of your life are all on display. Here are some tips for keeping your family safe while your home is on the market.

Remove personal photos and information

When you decide to put your home on the market, your home is no longer your fortress of solitude, but a product you will be showcasing to the public. Don’t showcase photos of your children, family or personal information; remove them from public view.

Not only will prospective buyers visit your home in person, but the interior of your home will also be photographed and displayed on the internet. You do not want images of your children, family or personal heirlooms to land in the hands of someone with poor intentions.

Don’t tempt unscrupulous visitors

While an open house is now a secondary marketing tool, there are still instances where they may be appropriate. Hosting an open house means exactly that. Your house is open to the public. Criminals have been known to target open houses, only to return to steal valuables from the house. Avoid tempting such people by removing valuables, medicines, and other “hot button” items from the home for the duration of the event.

Lockbox technology today is sophisticated and offers programming options to notify the agent and seller when someone views the home. Ask your agent to keep an entry log of those who visit your home.

Rely on your agent to screen potential clients

For your safety as well as their own, a real estate agent will work to qualify potential homebuyers by asking questions before showing them various properties. Most agents will verify whether a buyer has consulted with a mortgage broker and will make note of personal information before working with a buyer. Work together with your trusted real estate agent to take ownership of your situation and use these simple steps during the sales process.

Kellie Tinnin is a Real Estate Agent in Albuquerque, NM. Kellie offers a fresh perspective on the real estate industry, enjoys creatively marketing her properties and helping her clients’ reach their real estate goals. Kellie enjoys blogging and writing about the real estate industry and her city. Visit her at:


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