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Projects with results you can enjoy while selling your home

Summer is in full swing, and while many people are enjoying the BBQ’s and summer fun, some are getting ready to put their homes on the market. When listing your home for sale, the major focus is interior staging. It’s easy to forget that preparing your outdoor space before you list your home is equally as important.

Consider these five DIY projects for your outdoor space that will add value to your home. You can also enjoy the results while your home is still on the market.

Fire pit

A fire pit is an inexpensive and easy project that you can complete over a weekend. If you don’t have time to build a fire pit on your own, you can buy many fire pit features at your local home improvement store.


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Patio furniture makeover

New patio furniture can be expensive and difficult to move. Give your existing patio furniture a low-cost makeover by purchasing new cushions or reupholstering the current ones.

Resurrect your tired concrete patio

Rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store to remove dirt, grime and stains. Or invest a few hundred dollars, some elbow grease and a weekend to give your old concrete patio a modern-day facelift by staining or painting it.

Let there be light

Outdoor lighting is inexpensive and can quickly breathe new life into an exterior walkway. Consider draping some lantern lights across an existing pergola or patio for added ambiance during summer evenings.

Add a water feature

Water features are calming and can turn your yard into a relaxing retreat. There are fountains online and at your local home improvement store that meet almost every budget and style. Usually they can be installed within a few hours. Consider these upgrades for your outdoor area this summer. They can bring you enjoyment and may also help you sell your home faster.


Kellie Tinnin is the Career Development Director for ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate and a real estate blogger in Albuquerque, NM. Kellie is an advocate for raising the bar in the real estate industry, often writing about how real estate agents can improve their service to the public.

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