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UPDATED: Former San Miguel Co. Deputy Found Not Guilty of Attacking Ex-Boyfriend

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — State District Court jury returned verdict this week after two-day trial

A woman accused of attacking her boyfriend while on duty as a San Miguel County sheriff’s deputy after finding him in bed with another woman last year has been found not guilty by a state District Court jury, the Las Vegas Optic reported.

The newspaper said Inez Bolivar, 29, was found not guilty by an eight-woman, four-man jury Tuesday at the end of a two-day trial before state District Judge Eugenio Mathis.

Bolivar was on trial on charges of aggravated battery against a household member causing great bodily harm, aggravated assault of a household member by use of a deadly weapon and criminal damage to property under $1,000, according to the Optic.


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The newspaper reported that after the verdict was returned, Bolivar thanked all the people who believed in her, including her family, her attorney and Sheriff Benjie Vigil.

Although Vigil had fired Bolivar weeks after the Sept. 20 incident, he never wavered in his support of her and had attended the trial, according to the Optic. The sheriff had called the charges against Bolivar false and ridiculous, the newspaper said.

Adrian Martinez, the alleged victim, testified during the trial that he was asleep in bed with another woman when Bolivar came in to wake him up, in uniform and armed with a gun. He said she kicked him, cursed at him and then got on top of him, straddling him at the waist, and started punching him in the face, the Optic reported.

Bolivar, meanwhile, testified that she had gone to tell the man she loved good morning and give him a kiss, and that Martinez told her there was no relationship between them. She said she became frightened when Martinez started kicking at her, so she jumped on top of him to restrain him before he got up and ran out the door, according to the newspaper.






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Thursday, 15 July 2010 08:50


The trial of former San Miguel County sheriff’s Deputy Inez Bolivar, 29, on charges that she attacked her boyfriend when she found him in bed with another woman last September, got under way this week with witnesses describing Bolivar as a jealous woman who attacked the man in a rage, the Las Vegas Optic reported.

Bolivar is charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and criminal damage to property, in connection with her alleged attack on Adrian Martinez last Sept. 20 as she walked into his house while on duty, in uniform and wearing a gun, the Optic said.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Benjie Vigil, who fired Bolivar after calling the charges against his deputy “false” and ridiculous,” attended the trial on Monday and said he still backs Bolivar, saying the incident couldn’t have happened the way the state says it did, the paper reported.

“If she wanted to injure him, she would have. There is no injury,” Vigil said. “That’s why I believe her.”

Bolivar’s attorney Art Bustos told jurors in his opening statements that his client was acting in self-defense, defending herself from Martinez who he said was kicking her from the bed, the Optic said.

Bustos also said Bolivar and Martinez had been a couple up to the day of the incident, while Martinez has said the two broke up a year earlier, the paper reported.

As Martinez testified, Bolivar often shook her head in disbelief and whispered often to her attorney, according to the Optic.

During a jury break, state District Judge Eugenio Mathis chastised Bolivar for staring at Martinez in a way that could be seen as intimidating, the Optic said.

Mathis has rejected plea deals between Bolivar and prosecutors at least twice in the past couple of months, the paper reported.





3:00pm 5/5/10 — Plea Deal Between Former Deputy, Prosecutors Rejected by Judge: Former San Miguel County sheriff’s deputy is accused of beating up her ex-boyfriend while armed and on duty.

A former San Miguel County sheriff’s deputy accused of beating up an ex-boyfriend in his house while she was on duty, in uniform and armed with a gun will go to trial after a state District Court judge rejected a plea deal between the woman and prosecutors, the Las Vegas Optic reported.

Inez Bolivar, 30, allegedly attacked her former boyfriend on Sept. 20, the newspaper said.

The Optic reported that according to authorities, the man was sleeping in his bed with another woman when Bolivar walked into the house, yelled at him and kicked him while he was still in bed. He suffered a broken nose and hemorrhaging in his eyes.

Under terms of the plea agreement presented to state District Judge Eugenio Mathis on Monday, Bolivar would plead guilty to the third-degree felony of aggravated battery against a household member and prosecutors would drop three other charges and place her under supervised probation for 36 months, with the possibility of ending it after eight months, the newspaper said.

The Optic reported that when the judge asked Bolivar if she had kicked the victim in the head, she said she didn’t. She said he was kicking her from the bed and that she was trying to restrain him, according to the newspaper.

The judge then said he wouldn’t accept the plea agreement because there wasn’t a basis for it because of Bolivar’s statement, the Optic reported.

Prosecutors had canceled subpoenas for witnesses because of the plea deal with Bolivar, so her trial could not be started as scheduled on Tuesday, according to the newspaper. Mathis said he would hold the trial within the next six months.





Wednesday, 28 October 2009 07:25


A State Police report says the former San Miguel sheriff’s deputy who was accused of breaking into a man’s house and beating him up while on duty had her hand on her gun during the incident, the Las Vegas Optic reported.

“I really felt that she was going to shoot me,” the deputy’s former boyfriend said in the report.

Inez Bolivar, 29, is now facing charges of felony aggravated battery and assault against a household member, as well as burglary and criminal damage to property, and she faces a preliminary hearing in the case on Friday, the Optic said.

Although San Miguel County Sheriff Bennie Vigil told the Optic a week after the alleged incident that he believed his deputy’s story and that the charges against her were “ridiculous” and “false,” Vigil fired Bolivar a day later, the paper reported.

Bolivar, a Highlands University student, also votes with the Las Vegas City Council on housing issues as a representative of public housing residents, the Optic said.

Bolivar’s former boyfriend suffered a broken nose and injuries to his face, chest, arms, back and neck and had dark red circles in the whites of his eyes as a result of the alleged attack, according to a copy of the State Police report, which the Optic obtained through a public records request.

According to the report, the man was in bed with another woman when Bolivar entered the house around 8 a.m., got onto the bed and allegedly straddled the man and began punching him, the Optic said.

The man eventually escaped and hid behind a car at the officer’s house, which is close to the alleged victim’s house, the report said.





7:00am 10/1/09 — Female Deputy on Leave After Alleged Attack: San Miguel Co. sheriff calls domestic violence charges ‘ridiculous’ and ‘false.’


A San Miguel County sheriff’s deputy is on administrative leave following an incident in which the female officer was accused of attacking a man inside his house last month, but Sheriff Bennie Vigil called the charges “ridiculous” and “false,” the Las Vegas Optic reported.

Deputy Inez Bolivar, 29, who became a deputy three months ago, was accused of walking into a house unannounced around 8 a.m. Sept. 20 and physically attacking a man, causing “fairly significant injuries,” according to the State Police Lt. Craig Martin.

Bolivar was on duty, wearing her uniform and carrying a gun, and at least three other people were in the house at the time, Martin said.

State Police were called to the house shortly after the incident, and after officers interviewed witnesses, the sheriff was called and Bolivar was interviewed by State Police, according to the Optic.

Bolivar was not placed under arrest, but on the advice of the District Attorney’s Office was issued a criminal summons, meaning she didn’t have to go to jail, Martin told the Optic.

District Attorney Richard Flores said his prosecutor initially was told the case was a misdemeanor, but it was later determined that the alleged victim suffered more serious injuries, including a broken nose, so an arrest warrant could be issued once he receives the State Police report, the Optic said.

Bolivar, who votes with the City Council on housing issues as the representative of public housing residents, won’t get any preferential treatment, Flores told the Optic.

The sheriff said Bolivar has been on administrative leave since shortly after the incident, the paper reported.

“The charges are ridiculous. She didn’t batter (the victim). I believe her,” Vigil told the Optic. “Those charges filed against her are false. That’s how I feel.”

Bolivar is facing charges of burglary, aggravated battery on a household member, aggravated assault on a household member and criminal damage to property, the Optic said.