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State Says No to Online Gun Permit Course

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Online Concealed Carry training has not been approved by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety’s Special Investigations Division Concealed Carry Unit, the DPS said in a news release.

“Such training does not comply with the guidelines set forth in the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act or associated rules and regulations,” the news release said. “New Mexico residents should be aware that the completion of an online class does not meet the requirements for the purpose of being licensed to carry a concealed handgun by the State of New Mexico.”

According to the release, the statement came in response to questions from the public about the validity of the online course.

KOAT-TV reported that the online class was started by the Albuquerque gun center Calibers, and that the course still requires students to pass a test on the firing range.

But the state says Calibers cannot legally offer any part of the class outside the classroom, according to KOAT-TV.


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“The Department of Public Safety has not approved any online courses,” DPS Sgt. Suzanne Skasik told Action 7 News.

Calibers CEO Ryan Burt told KOAT-TV that his lawyers had advised him that the online class was within the regulations, which is why Calibers moved forward with the course.

But Burt said Calibers is working with DPS to come up with a solution, Action 7 News reported.

“What we’re saying to people who have signed up to the course is ‘Bear with us,'” Burt said. “We will refund their money. We will switch them to (the) traditional classroom. We’ll do anything we can for them.”