ICYMI: Lovato and Jonas focus on the music tour ABQ stop

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Demi Lovato performed at Isleta Amphitheater on Wednesday night. (Adrian Gomez/Albuquerque Journal)

If you didn’t know that Demi Lovato was born in Albuquerque, the pop star let the sold-out crowd at Isleta Amphitheater know about it on Wednesday night.

“I was born here,” she told the crowd, which then erupted in roars.

Lovato and Nick Jonas made a stop during the “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now.”

The pairing of the two friends — and business partners — was a no brainer.

Both of the musicians have successfully blossomed into adult super stars. The pair began performing at an early age and can now be seen as veterans in the industry.

What pairing is perfect and what is icing on the cake is that both performers didn’t have too much flash to their stage show. Instead, they opted to let the music do the speaking. A rarity in the flash-in-the-pan music industry of today.

Jonas kick started the two-hour set with his single, “Levels.”

He then sang “Champagne Problems.”

His recent album, “Last Year Was Complicated” was heavily featured in the set.

One surprise — at least for me — was Jonas taking the acoustic guitar and performing the single, “Who I Am.” (The single is from the project Nick Jonas & the Administration.)

He easily navigated his way through singles such as “Bacon,” “Numb,” “Chains,” “Chainsaw,” “Jealous” and “Close.”

The latter single was performed by both Jonas and Lovato, who joined him on stage in a black ensemble.

Lovato kicked off her portion of the set with her singles “Confident,” “Heart Attack” and “Neon Lights.”

For most people that underestimate the singer, please don’t.

The 23-year-old has some grit and power to her voice. It was amazing to see her utilize her entire vocal range.

And as she explained to the crowd that going on tour with new music is exciting for her, she went into her latest single, “Body Say.”

The single is rising up the charts on radio and Lovato took command of the slow and sultry jam. (She also got a security guard involved in the show by singing and rubbing his head).

Lovato slowed it down with the singles “Warrior,” “Give Your Heart a Break,” Skyscraper” and “Stone Cold.” Each of these songs showed off the power of her voice. The latter is when Jonas joined her on stage, to play piano.

There wasn’t really a break for the two-hour set, which made it exciting and really no down time to get distracted.

Opening for the tour was Mike Posner, who got the crowd going early on. He went through his singles, “Cooler Than Me,” “Be As You Are,” “Please Don’t Go” and his current smash, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”

Music was the emphasis of the night and it looks like a bright future for all three of the musicians.

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Nick Jonas made a stop in Albuquerque at Isleta Amphitheater. (Adrian Gomez/Albuquerque Journal)

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Mike Posner opened up the "Honda Civic Tour: Future Now" in Albuquerque. (Adrian Gomez/Albuquerque Journal)

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