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Speak Up! Readers frustrated by bleak UNM athletics finances

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ■ KREBS’ AND UNM’S situation are direct results of his decisions to kick fans and families to the curb and court the elite — eliminate 3,000 rabid fan seats for 40 luxury suites, suck fans dry with ridiculous parking fees and make them walk a mile past empty “parking pass” lots, outrageous concession prices, dump fans from Mountain West Tourney trip buses for corporate sponsors, etc. His decisions have made it impossible for many New Mexican families to afford to attend, or even feel like they are wanted to attend. Now he wants to soak the students again?

— Joe G

■ ALBUQUERQUE, IF I told you that buying a ticket to a football or basketball game might help save a varsity sport, would you do it? Come on ABQ, these young student athletes need us. We can do better!

— Andy T.

■ MR. KREBS IS correct in his statement indicating tough decisions are going to have to be made in athletics due to the budget deficit.  Please do not take it out on the students by increasing student fees or begging assistance from emergency funds.  Let the athletic department clean up the deficit because they created it.  Cost cutting measures force tough decisions but those decisions must be made within the athletic department itself.  Balancing the athletic budget, like any other department budget, calls for

accountability within that department.

— Claudie/Rio Rancho

■ PAUL KREBS and the brass at UNM have no clue how to run an athletic department. You want to raise student fees to pay for your mismanagement of the athletic budget? … Here’s an idea to fix the budget. All your non-conference games could be on the road against top BCS teams where you could pocket around $1 million per game. 4 games = $4 million. Wake up and smell the coffee Krebs!

— Hunchback Jimmy

■ I JUST WANT to say thank you for putting TB12 on the Monday cover. Brady’s Back!

— Patricia Murphy

■ WITH THE MLB baseball playoffs in full swing, and the NFL football season heating up, why is WNBA coverage getting in the way of sports news??

— Nathan, Albuquerque

■ MarkD: NOBODY will take you seriously until you peel those blue stars off your eyes and view the NFL objectively. When our teams lose, we simply say the better team won. Atlanta took Denver to the woodshed Sunday. End of story. When your team loses or when your ‘boys don’t get a 3-inch headline, you whine like a kid on a playground. Your comments carry about as much weight as a Kardashian post.

— Gtr