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Sports Speak Up! CSU game

I’M CERTAINLY feeling better knowing that the Mountain West Conference is looking into the incidents during and after the Lobo/Rams game.

— Corrales Guy

STAND DOWN CSU, or somebody might use the ‘T’ word in reference to your players.


SO A LOBO COACH argues with a Colorado player, on camera and threatens a fistfight, which he would have lost. The student was the grown up. With the obvious thugs we have as fans, and the apparent thugs we have as coaches, I will follow every game, and root for the other team. We should discontinue men’s basketball. It never was anything, isn’t now, and never will be, and since we need budget cuts…

— Al, an ashamed Alumnus

THE COLORADO STATE hoops program now has 3 players ineligible for the second semester…..and 3 others who are 4 yr school transfers…UNM has a 3.0 GPA and some pretty good frosh and sophs.

— Fran

CONGRATULATIONS, Lobos on a great win against CSU! You played great, stayed focused and tightened up on defense through out the game. Keep it up and I’ll happily admit to being wrong with my previous comments. I’m a fan regardless and we all know this is how you can play. Well played and well done!

— ABQ Mike

MAYBE DONALD TRUMP can help make the NFL great again by facilitating the removal of Roger Goodell.  It’s time for a new Commish!

— Patricia “fresh as lettuce” M.

A TALE OF TWO desperation games was told Saturday at noon and 3 pm, and Craig Neal did a fabulous coaching job at CSU but Mike Bradbury stood with his hands folded and glared at the 6,000 fans who came there to support his Lady Lobo team, seven valiant and loyal souls, and he lifted not a finger to help them through a dreadful fourth quarter, a serious breach of contract.

— A lawyer with 6,007 plaintiffs, aggrieved, betrayed, and seeking restitution

IN THE 20+ years that our family has had Lady Lobo tickets have we seen such a poor job of coaching. Coach Bradbury and his entire staff lost the game Saturday. The zone gave up 18 three’s; no defense and no rebounding. And please tell the point guard that there are four other players on the court; remember there is no “i” in team.  Disgusted

— Maggie Ann

NMSU HAS HAD to reduce it’s athletics budget 1 mill the past 2 years. Meanwhile schools like clemson and many other power 5 schools are awash in cash building football training facilities with juice bars, movie theatres and slides (really?). Power rankings of d-1 football teams between #25-#128 is a mix of power 5 and group of 5 schools yet the money the power 5 school gets is at least 10x that of group of 5 school. Group of 5 schools are struggling to survive while power 5 schools are building juice bars. Seem fair to you?

— Davario

SOME CLOWN wrote in about Cullen Neal’s bad game vs Kentucky, update, vs Auburn, 13 pts., 3-3 from 3, not bad, we could really use him now, thanks jerks. Go Cullen! When Quinn Glover of the Detroit Lions announced UNM Lobos as his alma mater during his introduction recently I liked it. I could care less about where he originally came from. Lobos baby! Finally…if UNM played nothing but NM kids we’d have the shortest, quickest football team in D-3 sports. Nobody would show up to see that. AFV maybe.

— tarheelbill


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