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Bocadillos chef has the chops to win top prize

Bocadillos chef and owner Marie Yniguez outlasted teh competition on Food Network's "Chopped" on Tuesday.

Bocadillos chef and owner Marie Yniguez outlasted the competition on Food Network’s “Chopped” on Tuesday.

For the second time in less than a month, an Albuquerque chef came away with the top prize on Food Network’s “Chopped.”

On Tuesday, Bocadillos owner and chef Marie Yniguez ousted the competition.

The Duke City chef worked her way through three rounds of competition to earn $10,000.

“I can’t even explain things that are going through my head,” she said after winning. “I proved to myself that I’m not just a sandwich maker. I set out to do it and I did it.”

Yniguez had plenty of obstacles placed in front of her during the rounds.

In the appetizer round she had to work with sushi burgers, fresh wasabi, longan berries and pork floss.

She presented some tacos that were a hit with the judges.

Then on to the entree round, where she worked with buffalo top sirloin, porcini mushrooms, aji dulce and sea buckthorn juice.

“I had never worked with any types of these items before,” she said.

And to the dessert round, she worked with polenta cake, bechamel sauce, plums and pink Himalayan sea salt.

“I was very nervous about this round,” she said.

After the judges tasted the two chefs’ plates, Yniguez was declared the winner, also taking home the cash prize.

“I want to take them (my family) fishing and hang out by the lake,” she said. “(And) make awesome food out there and take a good break.”

In the Jan. 31 episode of the series, Carrie Eagle of Farm & Table won the top prize.