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When are Paseo ramps due for repair?

PASEO RAMPS NEED SOME WORK: A North Valley resident says in an email “the repaving work that was done on Paseo del Norte last fall turned out so well, it’s a pleasure to drive on the road now.”

And nothing makes drivers want more roadwork than roadwork success. The email continues, “a number of us in the North Valley … would like to know if there are spring plans in place for resurfacing the on-ramps from Second Street onto Paseo del Norte? The eastbound ramp, especially, is quite uneven and bumpy at the curve from northbound Second Street. The westbound ramp, while not as uneven, is quite cracked and probably not far from becoming uneven.”

Bernadette Bell, public relations officer for the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s District Three office, says “a project to reconstruct the concrete portion only of the intersection from Second Street to Paseo del Norte – to include the east- and westbound ramps – is currently in the design phase. Preliminary work is now being conducted related to obtaining certifications. At the earliest, we don’t anticipate construction to begin until late 2018 to early 2019, depending on funding.”


Ernesto Fresquez says there’s an “inefficient flow” situation at Paseo and Eagle Ranch. He emails that on southbound Eagle Ranch, the two left lanes are turning lanes with a protected left turn arrow, the next lane is a through lane across Paseo and the right lane is a through or right-turn lane.

Ernesto says “if there are any cars that are going straight in that lane at the front, then any cars that want to turn right are not able to because of the car that wants to go straight. This causes a bottleneck for efficient, safe right turns to Paseo, which has a heavier traffic flow than vehicles that are crossing to the existing small neighborhood between Paseo/Coors or maybe headed to connect to Coors.”

And he asks why not make that right lane a right-turn only; after all, it already has a red arrow.

It’s because too many drivers need to go straight through in the mornings.

Bell got with District 3 Assistant Traffic Engineer Margaret L. Haynes, who explains “each lane is striped based on the demand for each movement during the peak hours. We are actually in the process of evaluating this intersection for capacity and signal timing, so I have current count data for this intersection. In the PM peak the right-turn movement is greater than the thru movement as you indicated; however the AM peak governs in this situation. The AM peak thru volumes are more than twice as much as the right turns in the PM peak, which is why the southbound right lane is not a right-only lane.”

FREE CAR-SEAT CLINIC MARCH 15: A great way to usher in a safe spring is to get your family’s car seat checked.

And you can have experts do it for free next Wednesday.

NMDOT and Safer New Mexico Now are hosting their child safety seat clinic from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. March 15 at the Sandia Resort on Rainbow Road near the intersection of Tramway Boulevard and Interstate 25.

It’s your chance to have a certified child passenger safety technician check if your seat has been recalled, is expired or otherwise unsafe, as well as ensure it is installed properly and fits the child who uses it. Installation and fit are key to the seats working. Take your car with the seat and the child who uses it, if possible.

Appointments are not required but are encouraged; call (505) 856-6143 or (800) 231-6145 to make one.

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