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Sports Speak Up! Reader disappointed in how Lobo women finished

FED UP IN Rio Rancho: Against my doctor’s wishes, I’m already one who stuffs my face with chips. The more the Lobos lose, the more I eat. It’s too bad that the Lobo women wasted Jayda Bovero’s dramatic 3 pointer to tie the game against Boise State with 3.2 seconds to go. Coach Mike Bradbury should have been in a zone defense after the tim out. Lose on a long 3 pointer? Acceptable. Lose on a 5 footer? Unacceptable. However, one has to appreciate the fire in Bradbury and wishes him success. Time will tell.

— Lobo BB Advisor

I’M REALLY LOOKING forward to seeing how we do at the MWC tourney. I will be there, front and center. EB and Tim will really be motivated to kick butt after not being named 1st-team all-conference. That was a slap in both their faces. I like our chances due to Tim not putting the wear and tear on his body for a month, kind of like the way Brady missed a month of wear and tear, due to his Deflate-gate suspension, and we all know how that worked out for the Patriots. On to Vegas !!

— George Scott

THE ELDORADO GIRLS’ basketball team just made it to a quarterfinal state basketball playoff game through hard work, persistence, practice, teamwork and using a second floor hellhole of a locker room. For 40 years, APS and Eldorado administrators have known the EHS gym is not Title 9 compliant and have done nothing. Step up APS and fix the Eldorado gym now. The Feds are watching and lawsuits could loom on the horizon.All student athletes deserve fair playing conditions under the law. GO EAGLES take state.

— EHS Alumni

HEY GUYS, the (Wednesday) sports section is just unbelievable.  Eight amazing pages of local and national coverage. Over the top.  Thank you. I have no idea how you do it.

— Ken in Tijeras

BASKETBALL IS at a peak for both HS and college (pros, who cares) and deserves to be front page and up front in Sports Section. Baseball is underway at HS and college level and starting up at pro level while football is 6 months away (exhibition games don’t count). So why does football get second lead news stories and baseball buried further back? Your reporting (priorities) are out of whack.

— BigChris