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State Gets Federal Grants for Substance Abuse, Mental Health Services

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The $16.7M provided by the two grants will be used to focus on recovery initiatives and permanent supportive housing

The New Mexico Human Services Department says two federal grants totaling about $16.7 million have been awarded to the department’s Behavioral Health Services Division to be used to continue its efforts to improve mental illness and substance abuse services for New Mexicans.

“The grants will focus on recovery initiatives and permanent supportive housing, which are essential in improving the behavioral health system in New Mexico,” Linda Homer, Behavioral Health Services Director and CEO of the Behavioral Health Collaborative, said in a news release announcing the grants.

The grants from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, according to the news release, are:

  • The Access to Recovery (ATR) III Grant totals $13 million over four years. ATR is a client-centered, community based recovery program involving clinical treatment, faith-based counseling and support, and other services that provide client support during the recovery process. The ATR III grant will help serve an additional 9,000 people and build on the work already done in New Mexico with the ATR I and ATR II grants, which helped serve over 16,000 people through six central intake units using a credentialed network of more than 150 clinical and recovery support providers.
  • The Mental Health Transformation Grant totals nearly $3.7 million over 5 years to continue the outgrowth of the New Mexico Behavioral Health Collaborative’s Long Range Supportive Housing Plan, which has resulted in the development of 170 supportive housing units and the use of new strategies linking people with disabilities to support services since state fiscal year 2008. The new funding will expand and enhance the projects for adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Two counties are targeted with the grant funding, San Juan and Santa Fe. An estimated 100 people will be served annually with 500 served over the lifetime of the grant.



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