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Kaktus Brewing and Nob Hill retailers offering business passport

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Kaktus Brewing is sponsoring a business passport program with 19 other retailers and restaurants in the Nob Hill area.

Here’s how it works:

Visit any of the 20 participating retailers and restaurants and pick up your free passport. Then when you visit the participating businesses, make sure to grab a sticker for your passport.

After you have completed the circuit, drop your passport off at Kaktus Brewing at 2929 Monte Vista NE by this Friday and you will be entered into drawings equal to the number of stickers you have received.

Prizes include gift certificates up to $60, gift bags, quality soaps, food, beer, wine, coffee, comic books, jewelry and more.

“One of the main things is that we want other businesses to know who we are so we can work together,” says Kaktus Brewing owner, Dana Koller. “It seems when one business (in Nob Hill) gets attention, they all do.”

Paricipating businesses include: Kaktus Brewing, Geckos, Retail Therapy, Urban Outfitters, Olo Yogurt, Buffalo Exchange, Slice Parlor, Max’s Magic Shop, Birdland, Off Broadway, Toad Road, Astro-Zombie, Schushop, Synergy Soaps, Tractor Brewing, Stone Mountain Beads, Fragrant Leaf Tea Boutique, Gertrude Zachary, and Moxi Hair Studio.

The Nob Hill Main Street Organization and the Small Business Resource Collaborative have been very involved and supportive according to Koller.

He has also been surprised and excited by the enthusiasm of the other neighborhood businesses, “They have all just given such great gifts for this. I mean I really wish I could enter it, cause it’s stuff I want.”

Koller says that because of the huge response, he is planning to sponsor the program again very soon.

The drawing is on Friday at Kaktus Brewing. Attendance is not required to receive a prize… but it is encouraged.