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8:40am — Chaparral Men Accused of Shooting Neighbor’s Dogs

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Charges filed this week against roommates who allegedly shot dogs on Sept. 12.

Two men in Chaparral are wanted for allegedly using their neighbor’s dogs for target practice, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported.

Moses Salido, 19, and his brother-in-law Marcos Carmona, 22, were charged this week with three counts of extreme cruelty to animals, according to arrest warrants filed Wednesday in Las Cruces Magistrate Court.

Salido earlier told investigators he and his roommate shot three dogs belonging to a neighbor on Sept. 12 because he thought the dogs were chasing a neighbor’s cat, and that he’d had a problem with dogs in the area since a pack of them killed his aunt’s chickens and scratched her car, the Sun-News said.


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A golden retriever mix was shot in the chest and died before its owner could take it to a vet in Las Cruces, and a boxer cross was shot in the back and survived after being taken to a vet in Juarez, the paper reported.

The third dog, a white pit bull, was injured so badly it could barely breathe and was shot a second time by the two men “so it wouldn’t suffer,” Carmona told investigators.

The 3rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office decided this week to pursue charges after an investigation found the dogs had not been chasing any livestock at the time of shootings nor were they endangering any people on the property, the Sun-News said.

The two men are being sought on nationwide warrants, setting bonds at $10,000 apiece, the paper reported.

Salido is thought to be in Phoenix attending a trade school, while Carmona is thought to be still in Chaparral, according to the Sun-News.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office at (575) 525-1911.

Meanwhile, a Rio Rancho man was cited for animal cruelty and inappropriately firing a pellet gun after he allegedly shot and killed his next door neighbor’s Chihuahua Saturday night, the Rio Rancho Journal reported today.

Jeff Goodner, 53, told police he was tired of hearing the dog bark and threw a few rocks in its direction, but the 8-month-old Chihuahua continued to bark, so he grabbed a pellet gun and fired in the dog’s direction, the Journal said.

Goodner later told police he had tried to shoot over the dog, but he heard a yelp and realized he’d shot the neighbor’s dog, the paper reported.